Everyone Needs an Intranet

Here at hubley™, intranets are our jam, Now more than ever it is important to have the ability to connect and communicate from a physical distance. We know that declaring everyone needs an Intranet, period, is a strong statement. Yet, except for sole proprietors and small partnerships, we stand by that. Why? Well—

Streamline Communications on a Modern Intranet

How much time do your employees sink into routine communications? In previous employment, I have been guilty of asking HR representatives questions like, “Where do I sign up for health insurance? I should know this, but I don’t.” The representative had already sent information about benefits in email blasts.

In my defense, before bothering her, I did an email search. My search resulted in several communiqués about changes to benefits and the sign-up window. Each of these emails contained different details. I lost patience and decided I could not bother to dig through links in these various messages. I will admit to you that I had to ask twice that day because I made a mistake in the URL and had to follow-up.

Other examples I have like this include: Where do I update my direct deposit account information? To whom do I submit my new mailing address for employee records? And how can I change my last name to reflect my married name on my pay stub? Each of these questions required email strings of back-and-forth coordination and knowledge sharing. It was a good thing my employer was not paying for email usage by the word.

There were 200 employees in this organization. Imagine how many times this very polite HR professional had to deal with dummies like me. Her own productivity tanks when answering questions and providing clarifications many times over. Ask your IT crew how much time not having to respond to standard requests would save them. Your IT team spends hours communicating about

  • permissions
  • accesses
  • upgrades
  • software
  • laptops
  • power cords
  • air cards

An intranet provides employees with a resource to consult whenever they need help with, well, anything! There is no place like your intranet.

Engaged employees are more productive, there is no arguing that. When spending more time working from home — like during a global pandemic #2020 — it is vital that employees can communicate without obstacles. A failure to adapt to remote work may result in your company getting left behind in a post-pandemic world.

Benefits for Your Bottom Line

You get the gist relative to timesaving. And although “time is money,” there are other direct operational expenses that an intranet saves you. Does your company print a directory? Disregard the hours of compilation time. Thinking only of materials such as paper and binding, does that cost add up to thousands? Does your employer rely on paper-based forms for IT requests? This includes but is not limited to personnel information, onboarding, and corporate training acknowledgments. When there is a change to these forms, are they reprinted in bulk? A well-designed intranet replaces an organization’s email blasts, directories, email-based correspondence, disparate calendars, standard forms/requests, event invitations, acknowledgments, and more. A modern intranet like hubley™ achieves this through the implementation of a homepage featuring

  • alerts
  • announcements
  • helpful links
  • department pages with targeted information
  • and collaboration sites for project-based work.

The last thing anyone wants to receive in this digital era is a stapled packet of papers. Employees likely use their computer to access everything else already. Consolidation of your messaging allows your workforce to recognize the importance of an alert or communication when they see it on their intranet.

Extra! Extra! Read All About It on Your Intranet

The only magic is in keeping content updated and accurate. When employees are trained to rely upon it as “The Source of All Corporate Truth,” your intranet will read like the front page of your own daily newspaper. Unlike the front page of a newspaper, each employee’s intranet experience is personalized and interactive.

HR will never again have to answer the question, “Where do I sign up for benefits?” with an answer other than, “It’s on the intranet.”

How Do I Choose the Right Intranet?

2020 has presented more problems than solutions, no doubt. But we can make one thing easy. By uniting your team on hubley™, you and your team members can move forward into the future together. Schedule a demonstration, contact us online, or call us at 800.816.9219 today! Realize the potential hubley™ has as an intranet solution for your business in 2020.

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