Internal Help Desk Software

Supporting your employees can be difficult, but our intranet help desk software called TicketHub makes it easy.

Efficiently manage issues and requests from within your organization.  Send support tickets directly to HR, IT, Marketing, or any other department right from your intranet on your TicketHub dashboard.


Adding TicketHub to your intranet is a practical way for organizations to assist employees and track the progress of issues over time. With the intranet support software from hubley, companies have access to an innovative platform designed to empower both technical and non-technical users.

Support Features

Delivering next-level support starts from within your company. Employees, partners, and other stakeholders resolve their issues through TicketHub's updated features.

TicketHub's dashboard and documentation are designed for accessibility and long-term cataloging and managing of tickets.

Organizations will have access to a cost-effective, scalable help desk on their intranet with this app from hubley.


Better Communication Channels

When organizations grow, it can become more difficult for employees to request assistance. TicketHub offers a specific channel for users to request expert assistance, prioritize support requests, and track support stages from pending until resolution leading to better workflows.


Improved Team Collaboration

The use of an intranet help desk provides a vital collaborative resource for teams that may have questions or need to share problems. Route tickets to agents with the expertise to address the issue correctly. Create roles and assign permissions to your staff.


Centralized Knowledge Base

hubley provides a single point of access and a detailed organizational knowledge base for every stakeholder. Add TicketHub and make it easier for employees to find important information even without contacting support staff.

How TicketHub Improves Your hubley Intranet

Business leaders and decision-makers who want the most out of their intranet add help desk capabilities with hubley’s TicketHub

TicketHub provides a one-stop shop for advanced internal assistance and support.

The TicketHub app offers many benefits for organizations looking for better employee and data oversight.


Intuitive Dashboard for Admins and Users


Increased Operational Productivity


Comprehensive Documentation During Issue Resolution


Simple to Use & Accessible from Anywhere

Best In Class Ticketing Software for Internal Support

Does your organization lack essential support capabilities? Add TicketHub to your hubley intranet. Give your employees and their projects the boost they need.


Our collaboration software is useful for any vertical, including healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and retail. If you’re looking for the best out-of-the-box SharePoint solutions, our line of applications will help you deploy your enterprise intranet the way you want.

At hubley, we understand the importance of workforce collaboration. That’s why our intranet includes features for corporate communication, HR, employee engagement, and teamwork.

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