Discover the Value of
an Engineering and
Construction Intranet

hubley offers all the information access, collaboration,
communication, and idea-sharing tools that businesses in
the engineering and construction industry need. Give your
business a productivity boost by centralizing your resources,
tools, and users on a single platform.

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Bring Together Your Information
Resources in a Single Place

Avoid Miscommunication and Get Everyone on the Same Page

Miscommunications are a normal part of teamwork, but hubley helps to minimize them. Simplify and streamline your communication with an intranet. Make sure everyone on the team has access to the right information, right where they need it.

Manage Your Latest Projects and Keep Everyone Up To Date on News

An intranet for engineering professionals allows for simple communication with construction teams in one place. Guide your team with frequent project updates. Create team collaboration opportunities using Microsoft Teams channels. hubley integrates with third-party out-of-the-box project management solutions. Within Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and Outlook, there are many potential integrations available.

Collaborate on Ideas From Concept to Completion

Using IdeaHub, brainstorm ideas then work them from concept to completion. hubley has found that the best ideas come from the inside. So give your team a place to brainstorm and upvote for grassroots idea generation!

Create a Single Source of Truth in Your Organization

In any organization, confusion can occur due to contradictory information. The circumstances of a project can change quickly, so employees need to know where to find up-to-date project information. hubley offers a buffet of features to control messaging at every organizational level. Implementing hubley as your engineering and construction intranet will provide your workforce with a single source of truth.

Provide Simple Access to All Your Files and Data

Whether it is blueprints or marketing plans, your employees need easy access to files. Display a summary of all documents shared across the company intranet with the Company Documents Webpart. Do the same for each department with the Department Documents webpart.

hubley makes this easy for your team to manage documents with Cloud storage. File collaboration is easy, as documents may be co-authored by multiple users without leaving Microsoft Teams.

Select Links Based on Context To Simplify Navigation

Make finding the right answers easier by adjusting resource links based on the context that your users are viewing.

Remind Team Members About Upcoming Events and Meetings

Make sure everyone is in the loop with company updates, meeting reminders, and more. hubley makes it easy to create feeds with the latest company information tailored to each user.

Improve Team Communication Throughout Your Company and Beyond

Teams need to communicate effectively to achieve success for your company. Centralize communication with hubley, SharePoint Online, and the full Microsoft365 suite. hubley can also customize an extranet solution to connect with external users like contractors and clients — contact us to learn more!

Digitize and Centralize Processes and Resources

Many engineering and construction firms have many legacy processes that hold them back. Using hubley, you can bring the information resources you need right to your intranet. Consolidate processes using hubley’s integrations and business process automation.

Turn Your Intranet Into a One-Stop-Shop

Your operations no longer need to be a mesh of different systems and platforms. Instead, make hubley your one-stop shop by linking to all the resources your team may need. Make finding the right answers easier by targeting resource links based on the context that your users are viewing.

Bring Processes Like Scheduling and Inventory Management Into the 21st Century

Shift scheduling and inventory management are often among those legacy systems that never get the overhaul they need. Bring them firmly into the 21st century using hubley as the mothership for workflows.

Simplify Onboarding, Training, and Policy Acknowledgments

Create, revise, publish and track user acknowledgment all on your intranet. Employee onboarding and training resources have a home on your intranet, too.

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Push Updates to Your
Team Using Alerts

Push messages and alerts to your entire team. With hubley alerts, you can make your outgoing communication more accessible and easier than ever.

Select Audiences To Deepen the Power of Alerts

While you can send company-wide alerts, you don’t have to. The audience for each message is customizable. Send alerts to certain individuals, teams, or departments.

Client Testimonials

Our experience with hubley has been excellent. Customer service is very responsive and knowledgeable. The ease of building the homepage through site pages was worth it. The hubley solution provided a great mix of templates, webparts, and customization.

Megan Ramaker, Marketing Manager, Knobelsdorff


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