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hubley is a full-featured intranet built for industries of all
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information, and get work done smarter. Enhance
team communication and productivity with hubley.


Industries Served by hubley

Regardless of your industry vertical, a hubley intranet gives your team members everything they need to do their jobs better. A hubley intranet delivers improvement in employee productivity with SharePoint integration.

hubley delivers an out-of-the-box intranet solution for every sector — yours included!


Healthcare organizations use hubley to simplify, centralize, and speed up communication. Healthcare staff use this communication tool to improve patients' level of care. Diffuse information to different hospital campuses or locations with content targeting. And, you can target content by more than geographic location! Use hubley to display content only to users with targeted job titles or departments. Convey timely and clear messages to exactly the right groups of people such as attendings, hospital admins, nurses, residents, etc.

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Financial Services

Financial institutions thrive on team collaboration in a guaranteed secure environment to share up-to-date information. With hubley, you can share financial documents, alerts, files, and announcements. Create a robust company-wide knowledge-base within your intranet to ensure better long-term results. With a hubley intranet for finance, give every employee a secure, user-friendly intranet platform that puts secure collaboration at their fingertips.

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Engineering and Construction

Improve your team's performance with a modern company intranet. Share construction projects, plans, reports, and schedules within your intuitively designed intranet. With hubley's out-of-the-box full-featured platform, you can manage your team, track acknowledgments with local health and compliance safety laws, share construction policies and procedures, provide training materials, highlight safety moments, and much more.
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Create a robust intranet for your manufacturing team, including your global offices. Track key manufacturing statistics, collaborate on sales plans, review product descriptions and risk assessments, and keep your manufacturing team organized with hubley's intranet management system. Streamline workflows and keep your business running smoothly with hubley.
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Align your retail stores and online shopping operations with hubley. Digitize your processes and centralize your communications across all teams. hubley intranet for retail stores helps your team members stay up to date on the latest company news, upcoming sales, answer customer questions, and share ideas with the management team. Ensure a consistent and positive customer experience across your enterprise, not just at the check-out counter.
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Professional Services Firms

Success in the professional services industry is all about keeping your billable hours at the maximum, and having important information accessible. Organize crucial documents by company and department. Readily access large amounts of data. hubley offers a full-featured intranet without the tremendous hassle of building one from scratch. With hubley, your team can start sharing and collaborating without an extended implementation project. That adds up to good news for productivity.
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Local and State Government

Simplify the workflow for federal, state, and local governments. hubley unites your staff across different branches and jurisdictions to better organize and meet public needs. Bring your government agency together with a social intranet to collaborate together like never before. Government employees can easily access relevant policies, regulations, and internal rules to help them get things done.
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Nonprofit Organizations

Unite your nonprofit organization to achieve your fundraising goals. Connect your charity stakeholders and staff to better reach donors, rally support, and spread awareness of your mission. Showcase all upcoming events and keep track of attendance through registration capabilities. hubley allows users to track their personal registrations through a personal 'My Events' section. hubley is a secure intranet giving nonprofit organization teams an easy way to communicate, plan fundraising campaigns, and manage fundraising initiatives.

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Give Your Staff A Workplace
With Endless Features


Onboarding Employees Faster

hubley features HR tools that make the onboarding process more efficient. hubley's knowledge-sharing tools make it easier to get employees up to speed right away.


Automated Process

Could your business use a productivity boost? hubley automates your processes and simplifies collaboration.


Centralized Information

Information is the key to most organizations' success. Bring all your data, ideas, reports, and communication efforts to one central location.



hubley is an out-of-the-box solution, personalized to every industry's needs. With white-label customization, you can truly make it your own.

Why Companies Love hubley


"While leveraging our SharePoint investment was important to us, the human aspect is where we are seeing the most impact. Our intranet site was easy to implement, the hubley team has been so supportive and responsive, and our employees are really loving the site and feeling more connected, engaged, and informed."

Karla Di Grazia, BETA Healthcare Group

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