The Power of SharePoint
and Microsoft 365

An intranet solution can empower your company to share,
collaborate, store information, and enhance productivity.
Quickly deploy a user-friendly and scalable SharePoint intranet
that integrates with Microsoft 365 and other platforms.

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Do Amazing Things Together

The pre-built SharePoint features and apps in hubley offer a wide variety of functionality that can empower any organization's success. Extend your hubley intranet platform with numerous integrations to connect your employees together!

Get Real Work Done With
An Intranet Solution

Microsoft 365 integration allows your intranet to become a hub of document creation and productivity. You can connect with external training systems, RSS feeds, and third-party applications.


Microsoft Teams

A multichannel collaboration platform helps teams connect through calls, chat, and meetings. By integrating Teams into your intranet, you can make it easier for your people to work together.


SharePoint Support

Connect support tools to your intranet to help your users find the answers they are looking for and more. Completely harness the power of SharePoint.


Social Media

Social media is at the center of many digital interactions. Connect your team members with your social feeds and channels with easy intranet integrations.


Vimeo and YouTube

Videos can be a compelling communication medium. Integrate Vimeo and YouTube into your intranet to share engaging video messages with your users.

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One Intranet Platform for All
of Your Teams and Work

With hubley's comprehensive selection of pre-built SharePoint intranet features,
each department can have its own customized solution. hubley’s modern features
list is always growing.


"Ask" Features

Provide employees with an easy way to ask questions, or submit service requests.


Accordion (FAQs)

Address commonly asked questions with an intuitive webpart that helps users find the answers they need.



Provide quick links to resources, social media accounts, and contact information with a footer display at the bottom of your intranet.


Banner Content

Want everyone to see your most important content? With the Hero webpart, you can select an image or a content carousel to maximize visibility.


Training Resources

Share training resources on your intranet to increase engagement and foster employee growth.



Our ticket system makes it easier for teams to provide internal support. This is great for IT, HR, and internal requests.



A searchable directory for employees to share information and learn about others—customize contact card information to get the most relevant data to your users!


Digital Forms

Whenever you need to gather information from team members, you can use intranet-based forms. This can also make filing paperwork easier than ever.



Every organization has its own language—document terminology to make onboarding new team members even easier.



Display user-specific messages and display multiple messages so that key information does not get lost in the shuffle!



Make information, reminders, and updates immediately noticeable and available to team members. Send alerts to certain users or departments with content targeting.



Send and receive notifications on important and actionable information happening within your team or department.


Automatically Target
Your Intranet to
Different Audiences

Control who has access to certain information and pages with content targeting. With hubley you can easily target your content and features based on profile properties, departments, or locations.

Client Testimonials


“With practice and dedicated guidance from hubley Support, the webparts became easier to use. The product looks great and employee feedback has been positive.”

Francesca Szabadi, Assistant Vice President, Director of Corporate Communications, Rondout Savings Bank

Advanced Analytics for
Your Unique KPIs

Configurable analytics that allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of your company resources and features. Display your company's data and learn which training course is most visited or which resource is getting the most clicks.

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