The Employee App to Connect and Lead Your Organization

Take all the capabilities of your hubley intranet on the go with hubley’s employee app. Your employees can access all or select features of your hubley custom intranet from any device. Create the best version of your internal communications practices with the hubley employee app.

Why use an employee app?

By using hubley’s employee app, your team can:

Access any resource, at any time, from anywhere

Streamline employee communications

Push notifications and alerts to frontline workers

Simplify your daily business operations

Completely customizable for your organization

Your Best & Easiest Reference in Any Situation

Configure your mobile homepage for quick and easy access to everything your team needs on the go.

Highlight vital information like company events, employee milestones, and success stories. Your team will have quick access to all kinds of important items including alerts, links, forms, surveys, polls, and more. All this is available in the palm of your hand with the hubley employee app.


Custom Menu & Navigation

Customize your menu to include the most essential features for your team.

Design your own unique navigation to fit your organizational needs. Your intranet is only as successful as it is easy to navigate, and the app is no different. By customizing your menu and navigation to fit your team needs, you can ensure your team finds everything they need.

Intranet News on the Go

Highlight your most important content for your team. Social capabilities allow your team to read, comment, and like your news articles.

They can also search for specific articles or filters based on a range of topics. With the hubley employee app, you can make sure that important news and information is shareable and accessible on any mobile device. And a personalized news feed guarantees your employees see news and content relevant to them.


Start the Conversation with StaffHub

Search your staff directory for specific team members with StaffHub.

With the hubley app, your team can contact one another by calling or emailing with the tap of a button. Reach your coworkers in the field, working from home, or at their desks in seconds. hubley's employee app has all the information and resources your employees need.

Mobile Notifications & Alerts

Send push notifications and alerts to your users and highlight need to know or time sensitive information.

Use color assignments for alerts to ensure each action is appropriately classified.

With the hubley intranet app, your team will see these notifications and alerts on the go.

Also, track completion of important tasks.

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