Intranet-Based Learning Management System (LMS)

Develop an Engaging Learning Experience Through Your Company Intranet

Use the convenience of an intranet-based LMS to engage and develop employees and drive growth for the organization.

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How Can You Enjoy an Intranet Learning Hub?

Achieve higher productivity, drive profit margins upward, and develop a skilled, engaged workforce. Remove many of the barriers that would hinder employee training and development. Create learning opportunities that are available at any time and accessible from any place.




What Does hubley’s LMSHub App Do for Your Company?

hubley’s LMSHub can deliver what you need to get started. Within the app, there is the option to create a course catalog for the training modules.

Employees can navigate the LMShub easily to find their course catalog. The online delivery of essential information bridges any gaps or conflicts that could arise from learning barriers like distance, resources, scheduling, or even learning styles.

Other benefits include:

Track content performance on open resources like blogs or social media platforms

Implement internal analytics and insights to aid training or project management

Centralize access to archived records and reports

Utilize data analysis tools to spot long-term trends from your performance and usage data

Control access by individual user or role to keep your sensitive internal records secure

Rely on file versioning and archival tools to simplify revisions and prevent errors that lead to data loss

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Successful onboarding will acclimate a new employee to the company, the culture, and their unique role within these two areas. This is the first step in engaging employees and connecting them to the company.

Use the LMSHub to deliver an online, immersive learning experience. Develop content that is unique to your organization and use a variety of activities within the modules to enforce important concepts.

Form a more cohesive team unit starting on day one. Fully integrate new employees into the brand and identity of the company. Each training opportunity can reflect and reiterate language used throughout the organization.

Job-Specific Requirements

Deliver job role-specific content to users.

Starting from day one, employees will better understand the function of their role within the organization. Each area of the design is user-friendly and easy to navigate, and modules or training requirements can be laid out in order of priority or ability.

Job Specific Requirementes]

How Does hubley’s Intranet Learning Hub Work?

Our apps simplify the steps needed to develop modules and different courses. Training teams can create content and learning opportunities to be added as needed.

The navigation menus and support materials are straightforward for both the course creator and the end-user. Companies can create a variety of high-quality learning modules to meet the demand for training from the many roles or departments within the organization. The LMSHub course catalog makes each one easy to locate.

Managers can view the training progress of employees enrolled in certain courses or view an employee’s course history. Help employees grow in their positions and careers while giving the leadership team the information needed to motivate and encourage individuals who may be disconnected or underperforming.

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