Exchange Knowledge, Fuel Efficiency,
and Foster Communication With a
Well-Designed Intranet Services Platform

hubley offers much more than intranet services. We partner with your organization's internal communications, HR, IT, and other departments. hubley clients can expect best-in-class collaboration, communications, and employee engagement capabilities. Leverage the power of hubley innovation and Microsoft 365 (M365) for your organization!

Are increased productivity and profitability business
goals for your organization? We suspect they might be.
To best realize these goals, your operation requires a
tailored intranet services platform.

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How Can Professional Services Benefit From an Intranet Software?

Consolidate your organization's internal communications, encourage employee engagement, propel collaboration efforts, and enable efficient content management. Combine the tools of an intranet with your specific professional skill set to deliver exceptional service. Keep clients coming back and keep your employees happy, engaged, and productive.

hubley Benefits for Professional Services

hubley’s intranet works for all types of professional service firms, regardless of the scale of their operations. Legal firms, advertising agencies, consulting firms, and more can all streamline, organize, and create efficiency with hubley's intranet software.

Staff Communication Opportunities

Enable increased internal communication opportunities with a company intranet. A company intranet makes it possible for individuals to engage with content in many ways. Employees can provide feedback, consult their peers, or find more resources, to name a few possibilities. Improve collaboration and enhance productivity by integrating Microsoft Teams into hubley with TeamsHub.

Event Planning Made Easy

Keeping track of where everyone is, meeting locations, and other event details can be exhausting and unproductive. With ScheduleHub, find out when your coworkers are free for meetings. Event planning has never been easier.

Central Resource Hub

Inefficient information sharing among team members leads to time delays and miscommunications with emails, memos, or voicemails. Avoid communication channels that leave room for errors. With a hubley intranet, build a database of resources that all members of a team can search for updated info.

Data and Resource Retrieval

The content management aspect of an intranet provides a place where company documents can be both stored and shared. hubley’s KnowledgeHub gives individuals a way to access and filter documents, browse FAQs, and search through both archived and active relevant information.

Intuitive Alerts

hubley admins can customize alerts and notifications for any changes or updates. The benefits of alerts include the ability to use content targeting so only users in certain locations and departments will see certain alerts. You can also set priority levels and add custom background colors to differentiate alerts and alert types from one another.

Frequently Asked Questions

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