HR Intranet Solution: Increase Engagement, Efficiency, And Productivity

Implementing an intranet for human resource departments
makes it easier to share important company documents,
health insurance, employee contact information, onboarding
training manuals, and company announcements.


Streamlining Human Resources Functions and Creating Efficient Processes

A robust Human Resources intranet solution will benefit both HR administrators and employees. hubley streamlines your HR department's crucial functions.


Create and edit documents, set document assignees and request acknowledgment, set deadlines, track compliance, and collaborate with HR team members.

PTO Request

Skip the third party communication and have employees submit their PTO requests directly to a manager. Track approved requests, showing managers a full calendar of employee time off.


Keep track of attendance at organization events, have employees register for events, set capacity parameters for on-site events, and continuously display upcoming events' updates.

Resource Links

Keep your employees up-to-speed on industry knowledge and engaged with your company with targeted resource links based on location, department, and teams.


Key Features for Optimizing HR

You want an HR intranet that lives up to its reputation, and hubley doesn't disappoint. From the portfolio of satisfied clients comes a list of features that HR departments of all sizes and across all industries have found to be the best at optimizing performance.



HR departments have found that hubley's human resource intranet can easily integrate with human resources management systems like Oracle, Workday, UltiPro, and ADP.



Using PolicyHub+ allows HR administrators to author, publish, and review a policy from within the department. Employees can search and filter for a specific policy or a document acknowledgment with a central access point.



Publish announcements, events, important documents, frequently asked questions, or allow employees to submit HR requests. The contact list is one way for employees to find contact information for team members or departments.



An end-to-end HR intranet solution that manages the new-hire lifecycle. A smooth process for all form submissions and training to impress new team members joining your organization.



Create a friendly culture across the company with peer recognition, photo feeds, social engagement, new-hire announcement, or team-member recognition.



Grant access to benefit information through several different mediums such as documents, images, links, or FAQs.



Let users submit new ideas for improvements or enhancements to the workplace.



This feature is beneficial for those who hold large events for training or other purposes. The tracking and registration capacity settings make the event more manageable.

and Personalization

hubley's intranet solution is completely customized to the HR department's needs through features such as document web part, ProfileHub, Accordion web part, and content targeting.

  • Fully-branded applications
  • White-label features
  • Easily editable content
  • Customized layout

Analytics Configuration

Data is an essential tool for measuring success. With hubley analytics, track the most visited document and evaluate content effectiveness.


Why HR Departments Love hubley For Their Intranet Solution

Firsthand experience speaks volumes:


We couldn’t be happier about our hubley™ intranet site. It is so intuitive and our employees have really taken to it. Folks are having fun with polls and contributing news to share, and the site is proving instrumental in bringing our 4 offices closer together as one team.

Karla Di Grazia, BETA Healthcare Group

Frequently Asked Questions

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