SharePoint and
M365 Apps

We listen to our customers and their users about what they need, want, and wish they had as SharePoint solutions.

And as a result, we create apps to meet those needs. With our SharePoint apps, you have the flexibility to expand our hubley enterprise intranet the way you want, when you want—or buy an app on its own to meet your requirements. That’s totally cool with us.


Policy Hub+

Finally, a central hub for corporate and departmental policies and procedures!

Policy creators and editors will love the intuitive lifecycle management features of the hubley PolicyHub+, including policy creation, approval, publication, and revision. With enterprise-wide document acknowledgment, you can assign documents to specific team members, set deadlines, track compliance, and let everyone know the expectations with our personalized task list, document library, workflow, and dashboard.


Automate employee onboarding with our configurable OnboardingHub, an end-to-end solution that allows hiring managers, human resource managers, information technology team members, and other key onboarding stakeholders to manage the new-hire lifecycle.

Dashboards, employee file management, workflows with notifications, and personalized task lists and forms keep processes smooth, creating a great impression for team members joining your organization.


Our ProjectHub gives you the gift of project management standardization. Collaborate in Microsoft Teams using
configurable templates based on project type/category.

You decide what components you want in each
template—Planner, Wiki, OneNote—and ProjectHub makes it so. Our solution helps manage permissions and
offers a great search experience with its SharePoint back-end.



Develop an engaging learning experience through your company intranet.

Use the convenience of an intranet-based LMS to engage and develop employees by investing in them.

Remove many of the barriers that would hinder employee training and development. Create engaging learning opportunities available at any time and accessible from any place.



Want to request direct assistance from your organization's internal support? Our TicketHub app connects you to them, whether it be HR, IT, or another department.

TicketHub users know they can rely on their support tickets to be resolved in a timely manner.

TicketHub is a one-stop shop for gaining information and requesting assistance.


iOS and Android Employee App

Access hubley from anywhere with your mobile browser or the SharePoint app. We also offer a native hubley mobile app with your branding and content, managed from SharePoint.

Push notifications (StaffHub, Alerts, News, and Events) to all users with your own native iOS and Android-friendly mobile Employee App.


There are many more
apps on the way!

And if there’s something you need but don’t see, let us know. We’ll build it.

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