Complete Policy Management on Your Intranet

PolicyHub+ Consolidates All Your Corporate and Departmental Policy Libraries in a Single Location

Policies communicate your company values and protect your company from liability and your customers from mistakes.

But if your users can’t access your policies to review, acknowledge, or update them, then your policies are failing.


PolicyHub+ allows you to update, add, remove, review, and assign policies and procedures from one location.

Enjoy simple management solutions for all your corporate policies from the PolicyHub+ Dashboard.

Consolidate and Communicate

For new hires to understand your company's values and to remind current employees when updates are made, you have to make it easy for them to read and review your policies. PolicyHub+ is a consolidated dashboard that brings together all your corporate policies into one centralized environment.

Policy creators and editors will love the intuitive lifecycle management features of hubley's PolicyHub+

Policy Editing, Revision and Removal

Policy Creation, Approval, and Publication

Assign Users Specific Policies to Review

Compare Policies

Enterprise-Wide Document Acknowledgment

Track User Compliance and Set Deadlines for Acknowledgements

User-Specific Task List, Document Library, and Dashboard

A true central hub for organizational policies on your SharePoint intranet

Intuitive Setup Turns Complicated Policy Management into a Distant Memory

Most new applications require a lot of startup time investment. PolicyHub+ isn’t one of those. You need only two SharePoint lists and a single document archive to start your new intranet for policies.



Upload and Manage

Add new policies to PolicyHub+ easily. Upload your draft and name your owner, reviewer, and approver for it to ensure the right people read and update the material.

SharePoint notifications automatically inform your peers of their newly assigned tasks in order to advance a new policy from the draft stage to ready for acknowledgments in record time. With deadlines for completion and a listed last day of revision, policymakers can prioritize and update more efficiently than ever before.


More Documentation, Less Time

Employees read documents on an intranet only if they can find the right one. Make it too difficult to find the document or policy, and employees won't read it — or if acknowledgment is mandatory, the frustrated worker will skim the policy through as fast as possible once found, so the impact disappears.

hubley prevents that from happening. Make policy understanding happen with a comprehensive and searchable library for employees to review. Keep everyone on the same page and ensure policies are followed to the letter.


Lifecycle Management at Scale

hubley provides solutions for businesses of any size. PolicyHub+ is built to manage the entire life-cycle of policies for organizations of any size while keeping content relevant to the individual user.

The tagging and assignment system sends policy documents to appropriate teams and departments. If tagged correctly, HR won't receive sales-specific policies. Get the right information to the right people.


Automate and Communicate

Automatic notifications update policymakers about approvals, revisions, and acknowledgments, and inform employees when applicable policies have changed.

Building team unity through an understanding of expectations is more important than ever in the new era of hybrid positions and work-from-home opportunities.

PolicyHub+ makes unity happen on a core level.


Intuitive Setup Makes Complicated Policy Management a Thing of the Past

We aim to offer a simple, intuitive solution that takes the important task of enterprise policy management from tedious to terrific.

A self-explanatory interface and impressively user-friendly tools make this simple. But we know learning any software application brings challenges and questions, regardless of design.

That’s why we created a comprehensive guide to common tasks in an easy-to-read format accessible in any web browser. As a bonus, this guide gives an in-depth overview of the functions and capabilities of PolicyHub+.

Add, revise, publish, and manage employee acknowledgments, policies, procedures, and everything in between.


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