Get New Hires Up-to-Speed Faster With hubley OnboardingHub

hubley OnboardingHub helps simplify and accelerate new hire onboarding with powerful, easy-to-use intranet-based features.

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How Can Organizations Benefit From an Intranet Onboarding Hub?

People are the biggest competitive advantage a business can have.

With more streamlined onboarding managed through your intranet, you can immediately enrich the new hire and intranet experiences.

Ingrain new hires as active intranet users from their first day.

hubley OnboardingHub is the Intranet for Onboarding Employees

Hiring new team members is a key part of running any business. Finding the right person for any position can take time and effort.

Even when you find ideal candidates, you still have to onboard and train them. Shorten the time between hiring and optimal performance with hubley OnboardingHub.

hubley’s powerful intranet solution can be used out-of-the-box or carefully customized to fit your unique needs. Make your onboarding process faster, easier, and more effective.

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End-to-End New Employee Onboarding

Manage the entire onboarding process with hubley.

Establish your onboarding process and add any documents and materials needed.

New Hires can track their own progress through their OnboardingHub dashboard, and managers can monitor onboarding progression as well to ease the process.

Simple and Effective Onboarding Process

The entirety of new hire onboarding is managed with a simple, user-friendly interface. Easily accessible from your hubley intranet.

One of the challenges of onboarding any team member is keeping track of all the complexity. When you use hubley as your intranet for onboarding employees, you can cut out the complexity and focus on results.

Through hubley, you can manage admins, managers/mentors, and new employees. Everyone gets a tailored and easy-to-use experience.

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Simple Onboarding Task Management

Set up your onboarding tasks in hubley so they can be assigned to admins, managers, and new employees.

Automate task assignments to reduce complexity and ensure that everyone has the right information and documentation at the right time.

Tasks can be associated with job codes and categories, helping you to organize different flows for different types of jobs.

This also helps to get your new team members started on the right foot. They will see an organized, streamlined, and modern business using technology to make life easier.

Employee Management Dashboard

Onboarding admins can add new employees, see details on each employee’s onboarding process and review aggregated reports. These tools make it easy for HR professionals and others to stay abreast of new employee onboarding. This dashboard can also empower your team to make process improvements for onboarding.

Manager Dashboard

Hiring managers can keep track of the onboarding process for employees they have hired. View which tasks are complete and which are outstanding, and add special tasks for employees in addition to the general onboarding process. This helps to keep the whole experience self-contained.

Mentorship Tools

Mentors can be added to the system and get access to the manager dashboard. Assigning mentors to new employees helps to facilitate getting new hires up-to-speed with all the ins and outs of the business. hubley simplifies including these relationships in your onboarding process.

New Employee Dashboard

When new team members join your business, they will get access to an intranet dashboard with all the relevant tasks and details needed to complete the onboarding process. Share information through this dashboard to help new hires get to know the business and their coworkers more easily.

Out-of-the-Box or Customized Solution

OnboardingHub can be used as an out-of-the-box solution from day one. However, you can also customize it to suit your unique needs.

Put your best foot forward with an attractive and branded experience for new team members. Select onboarding admins, set permissions and roles, and customize the messaging, colors and look/feel.

You can also have the hubley team help you with this process to ensure the best results. No matter whether you are making your first hire or your 1,000th, hubley's OnboardingHub makes the onboarding process more impactful.

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