Next-Gen Financial Intranet Solution For Banks and Financial Organizations

A finance intranet solution empowers your team members.
Work, collaborate and share using a centralized, secure source
of information.

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Intranet Benefits For Financial Institutions

The right financial intranet solution serves as a central “bank” for company information, ideas, collaborative tools, and more. A hubley intranet for finance helps your business become more organized, productive, and profitable.

Secure, Compliant Environment for Documents and Data

Store documents, client information, and company files in hubley’s secure environment. Empower your team members to get more done with a simple yet powerful collaborative platform. And of course, hubley complies with financial industry regulations and security requirements. Rest assured you can feel confident that all your data is protected.

Fast and Effective Team Communication

Success in the financial services industry requires operational excellence. This can’t be achieved without excellent communication and collaboration between team members. What do you get with a financial intranet software from hubley? A centralized platform for communication and collaboration using the Microsoft tools employees already know.

Superior Staff Interaction

The staff directory makes it easy to find the right person in your organization. Regardless of what department, team, or branch they work in, your team can stay connected no matter how large your business grows.

Centralized Resources

Your finance intranet platform centralizes all your data resources. This powerful solution accelerates and enhances your processes and client experiences. In the finance industry, information is the key to success.

PolicyHub – A Better Way To Manage
Policies and Procedures

Managing policies and procedures is essential to financial service success. Bring together policy information and documentation for simple and efficient collaboration with the hubley PolicyHub.

Collect Acknowledgements on Key Policies

One of the most important elements of policy management is ensuring employee awareness. Collect acknowledegments of policies from team members, take a more active approach to policy sharing and enforcement, and send reminders all with PolicyHub.

Collaborate on Policies and Related Documents

For any finance business, up-to-date and well-thought-out policies are essential. That requires teamwork and multiple eyes on each document. Use PolicyHub to create, update and organize policies as well as any related documentation. hubley makes it easy to keep your team in the loop.

Log and Export Policy Acknowledgement Data

Make sure you have detailed records of compliance to policy acknowledgements by logging them. Then, export that data to CSV files for easy use outside of hubley.

Expand Your Functionality With PolicyHub+

With the PolicyHub+ add-on application, get a guided policy owner experience for updating, reviewing, acknowledging, and publishing policies. Easily assign them to the relevant team members at each stage. Plus, check your acknowledgement histories. This back-end companion to PolicyHub makes your finance intranet solution even easier to use.

Increase Information
Access With Links

Use resource links to easily share access to external resources. This helps you expand your finance intranet platform to a variety of other relevant resources. You can even change which links appear in different intranet contexts.

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Keep Team Members
Informed With Alerts

Push information to team members using custom-targeted, company-wide, or departmental alerts. These can provide information, reminders, and updates that are immediately noticeable to team members.

Customize To Suit Your Team’s Unique Needs

Customize your hubley intranet with your organization’s branding.

Customizable Layout
Change the dashboard layout for specific teams or departments. Provide team members with individualized homepages to always have the most relevant resources available.

White-Label Features
Every feature of your intranet is a white-label solution that can be made into your own.

Easy Editing
Every intranet exists to serve information and content. hubley is easy to customize with resources, market insights, client data, and more.

Client Testimonials

Our journey with hubley has been amazing. I love how you can change/edit so many features (headings, print doc titles, etc.) to make it your own, and the variations of color, text, and size to customize it to your liking. Very Impressive!

Cheryl James, Accounting Specialist, Rondout Savings Bank

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Frequently Asked Questions

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