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Intranet for Banks and Financial Institutions

The finance industry can benefit significantly from the right intranet solution. However, many businesses in the field are not yet using one, at least not to the fullest extent. Technology has helped to transform the finance industry over the past few decades. Learn how an M365 intranet could be another transformative change for your business.

What Is an Intranet?

An intranet is a computer network used by an organization to internally share information, tools, and other resources.

With a modern intranet, you can have an extremely user-friendly interface for sharing everything from the latest company news to collaborative documents. It is like a central workspace your business can use to make getting work done easier.

The primary purpose of an intranet portal is to help groups work together more efficiently. It can also enable more secure communication relative to internet-based apps because the intranet is not readily accessible to people outside of the organization. For businesses in the finance field, that security is a prized benefit.

How Can a SharePoint Intranet Solution Benefit a Finance Business?

The finance industry has some unique requirements for any technology. Banks and other financial institutions must consider compliance with various regulations, such as PCI. They also have an ethical concern to protect customer information. Therefore, it is only sometimes possible to switch between technologies on a whim.

Therefore, many organizations in the financial industry need help with old-fashioned intranets based on legacy technologies. These solutions may not offer much, but they are compliant with the business’s regulatory needs. 

Switching to a SharePoint intranet solution may be the right answer for your business. These are some of the most significant advantages of making the change:

Ease of Communication 

Like other businesses, financial firms need to communicate, and that communication should be dynamic, effective, and secure. With an intranet, you can leverage the power of unified communications. You can chat with team members, leave notices, send out updates, and more.

Improved Collaboration

Working together is the beating heart of the business world. With the right intranet, you can share files, coauthor important documents, and send them to managers for review. It makes giving everyone access to the right files easy. Additionally, you can even crowdsource your ideas on your intranet.

Centralized and Secured Data

Centralized and Secured Data: Data is essential to the finance industry. It is both one of the most powerful tools and the most significant vulnerabilities for most businesses in the field. Therefore, it is essential to have centralized access to secure data. The right intranet solution can make this easier, greasing the wheels of your business.

Enhanced Privacy 

In a similar vein, intranets can be very good for offering privacy. You need to stay in line with various regulatory requirements, and you want to ensure that your customers are protected. With the right intranet solution, you can protect your data both in transit and in storage. Additionally, you can ensure that only the right people have access to customer information.

Easier Document Management 

hubley’s integration with SharePoint is designed with document sharing in mind. You can easily manage your documents on a shared file system. Additionally, you can author changes right from your intranet with SharePoint fromO365. There are numerous documents you need to manage as a bank or financial institution. Give your team the right tools to manage them easily.

What Features Should an Intranet for Banks and Financial Institutions Have?

Employee Data Analytics

Your financial intranet should include employee analytics. Employers can collect this info in the same way that other websites gather user information. The best intranet solution gathers data about the apps your employees use, along with how and when they use them. As it does, you can identify redundancies and opportunities. 

Document Enhancements

Enhancements such as easy document folder organization in libraries are also a must. You can share documents with the entire company or specific departments and sort information into specified tagged categories with content tagging. Tagged content enhances the searchability, filtering, and presentation of data.

Link Enhancements

With the right bank intranet solution, you should be able to create and share links to internal or external resources. Link enhancements can be used for team or personal use, whatever works best for your organization. Like all our features, this should be customizable. Link icons should include both custom and preloaded icons in a classic box or simple list.

Enterprises risk losing thousands of productive hours each year because employees can’t find what they need to do their jobs. With the right intranet, you can find documents, people, and news, among other things in one place. Consider it one more way we can add to your organization’s efficiency.  

Interface Organization

The intranet you choose needs to be built with an ultra-organized user interface. It should be designed from the ground up to help maximize efficiency. Additionally, it is customizable to suit your unique needs.

Organizational Information 

The best financial intranets are built with end users in mind. Your solution should allow you to keep everyone up to date with an internal news feed, sharing exciting developments with key messages placed front and center. We know that proper two-way communication goes both ways, so the best intranets include built-in options for forms and polls to let your employees share their thoughts with management and keep open and honest dialogues.

By using staff directories and flowcharts, you’ll never lose track of a coworker (especially if you can’t remember their name). They’ll boost your efficiency — and make things much less awkward around the office.

FAQs are a lifesaver for enterprises who want to keep their employees’ inboxes spam-free and avoid wasting everyone’s valuable focus with blasted-out batch emails. Q&As become a one-and-done process, and admins can update your FAQs whenever they need. 

Pre-Built SharePoint Templates

Pre-build SharePoint templates are another intranet feature for finance organizations that makes it easier to implement new features. With a wide selection of templates, you can maintain a consistent interface that maximizes functionality.


As they always say, time is money, and to that end, the right SharePoint solution provides a fast, reliable bank intranet that minimizes downtime. Everyone benefits from speed, but financial institutions need such added efficiency to keep their bottom line up. 

You can prevent the little things that can hinder your productivity and ultimately bring up your bottom line day by day, hour by hour.


An intranet doesn’t need to look good to function properly, but an employee who wants to use your internet will use it much more often if they appreciate its aesthetic. If they use your financial intranet more, your ROI goes up.


Bank intranets need the highest level of security to keep their customers safe, and it’s the law to protect their information. That’s why any intranet solution needs to have tighter security than a bank vault. A financial intranet from hubley offers customizable security settings so you can control who and what has access to stored data.


The tech world moves faster with each passing day. Thankfully a hubley intranet doesn’t lock you into a static, non-updated intranet. We push updates every quarter to keep things fresh. Many of these updates were ideas from our users! We are always keen to hear what users want to see in their environments. 

A Financial Intranet Everyone Can Love 

Your hubley might have been built mainly for your financial intranet needs, but every department can benefit.  Human resources, communications, and accounting team members all need an intranet that works for them, and hubley is that intranet. It looks good, it feels good, and it functions as the front page for your organization. 

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A hubley M365 intranet could help your financial institution to increase productivity, collaboration, and security. We can help you customize our platform to suit your organization’s exact needs. Learn more about the features of hubley today. We are confident that our comprehensive apps and features, pre-build SharePoint templates, and powerful interface are exactly what your finance team needs to succeed.

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