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Is HR Responsible for Driving Employee Engagement?

Human resources is an ever-evolving field that is shaped by emerging technology and regulatory changes. These changes often improve the industry and simplify the jobs of HR professionals. However, constant changes in the industry can also make it challenging for HR professionals to keep up with their responsibilities. While it’s evident that employee benefits fall under HR’s purview, what about employee engagement? Is it the responsibility of HR departments to drive employee engagement, or should it fall on the shoulders of other departments?

Ultimately, every manager, leader, and stakeholder has a vested interest in keeping employees engaged. HR has a crucial role in how engaged employees are because it deals with many different areas that directly influence employee satisfaction and engagement. Fortunately, intranet software can help any HR professional positively impact engagement while simultaneously splitting the responsibility amongst other departments and employees.

What Is an Intranet?

An intranet is a platform that allows various departments to easily collaborate and share information. The information shared over an intranet is reserved strictly for internal communications and is not designed to be accessed by outsiders. When used company-wide, an intranet makes communication and engagement much easier and more natural. It can also make it much easier for employees and managers to stay up-to-date on project progress, changes to policies, new project completion dates, and much more.

To make it easy for employees to find the information they need, many intranets are equipped with search capabilities that make it easy to find product specs, contracts, and more by simply typing in relevant keywords.

How Can an Intranet Drive Engagement?

While leadership in any organization is ultimately responsible for fostering engaging company culture, and HR departments still need to focus on employee benefits and morale, an intranet makes the challenge of employee engagement much easier to attain. It’s a better way to share important information rapidly and efficiently with all relevant team members. Here are some of the top ways an intranet can help your company drive engagement.

  • Helps you reach your entire enterprise at once or target specific departments, teams, etc.
  • Allows you to share interesting content that entertains and informs
  • Makes it easy to boost morale with internal marketing efforts
  • Organizes all corporate information in one place so any employee can access it from any location
  • Keeps your remote team members involved and gives them access to the tools and information they need while working away from “the mothership”
  • Facilitates communication so you and your team can reach your goals more effectively

If your primary goals are improved engagement and more effective collaboration, intranet software is a great solution. It’s also cost-effective and can help HR and other departments stay within their budgets while improving internal communications.

What Are Other Intranet Benefits?

In addition to the engagement-boosting benefits, intranets also boast the following advantages:

  • Time-saving features: An intranet allows HR departments and organizations to distribute information instantly as needed amongst multiple departments and employees. This saves time over attaching documents to emails and sending them to the relevant people.
  • Facilitating communication: An intranet makes it easier to reach all employees in an organization with ease. Whether your organization has 20 employees or 2,0000, an intranet makes communication a seamless process.
  • Promoting improved company culture: Every user who’s part of an intranet has access to the same information as the person sitting next to them. Suppose you’re looking for ways your HR department or organization can help all employees feel they’re treated fairly and the same. In that case, an intranet is a great equalizer and promoter of company culture.
  • Improving productivity: Employees can access information and collateral with a few clicks of a mouse. They’re more likely to become more productive and meet deadlines with greater ease.
  • Simplifying remote work: When you have employees working remotely, it can be hard to make sure they always have access to the information they need, when they need it. But an intranet makes it possible for employees to access documents and data from anywhere.

These are a few ways an intranet can help all the employees at your company feel involved, informed, and engaged. There is arguably no easier or more effective way to boost your internal communications than through an intranet.

Is an Intranet Right for You?

An intranet is an excellent step toward improved communication, collaboration, and engagement for many companies. If you’re wondering whether it’s the right next step for your company, contact hubley today. We can help design an intranet that’s personalized to meet your organization’s needs.

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