Provide a frictionless employee storefront experience through the StoreHub+ intranet app.

Enhance Employee Shopping on Your Intranet.

Picture this: a virtual shopping spree, but not just for customers. It's for your very own team, right from the company intranet! StoreHub+ brings retail therapy to your employees' fingertips, changing the game for interaction within your organization. 

The StoreHub+ intranet for employee shopping allows you to:


Create a Merch Store

Say hello to boosting morale with style!

StoreHub+ lets you set up a merch store where employees can grab branded swag. It’s not just about wearing a cool logo; it’s about flaunting their affiliation with your brand, creating a buzz both inside and outside the office.

Your merch store will:

Create a new point for employee interaction

Boost loyalty and morale

Give employees access to branded goods

They can effortlessly engage with your company through your intranet app. In seconds, they can order goods, purchase branded shirts for work, and much more

Offer Products to Your Employees

Beyond branded gear, you can extend special offerings to your crew. Imagine discounted goodies or exclusive deals for your employees on your intranet app! It’s a win-win; they get cool stuff, and you nurture their loyalty while showcasing your commitment to their happiness. 

Providing employees with discounted goods through your internal app will:

Foster a sense of pride

Turn employees into loyal customers

Demonstrate your commitment to your staff

Boost morale and strengthen company culture

Your team will love the opportunity to purchase branded goods at discounted prices. When you make purchasing products an effortless experience, they are more likely to become lifelong customers and some of your best brand advocates.


With StoreHub+, your team can:

Order internal supplies

Implement auto reordering to avoid shortages

Save time

Improve ordering transparency

Streamline Internal Supply Ordering

No more hopping off the intranet to order supplies!

StoreHub+ brings everything under one digital roof, letting your team order internal supplies seamlessly. It’s a game-changer for efficiency and convenience, making the intranet a true one-stop destination for all their needs.

They can do it all on StoreHub+, from buying branded merchandise to consumer products or even internal use supplies. Keeping your team on your intranet simply creates a safer, faster, and more transparent purchasing process.

From a business perspective, StoreHub+ provides better visibility over spending, allowing you to identify and eliminate waste while making every dollar count. When you have an intranet for employee shopping, everyone wins.

Incentivize Employee Engagement

An intranet for employee shopping serves as a powerful tool for incentivizing your staff to engage more deeply with the organization. It enables you to give your team access to special discounts, deals, and products.

Let’s talk perks! StoreHub+ isn't just about shopping; it’s about making your team feel like VIPs. Exclusive discounts, special deals – it’s a treat they’ll love, creating a bond that goes beyond the 9-to-5 routine.


To maximize engagement with StoreHub+, you should:

Create a points system that incentivizes employees to engage

Make StoreHub+ a cornerstone of your company’s culture optimization strategy

Offer unique employee’s only perks


The platform can be an excellent way for employees to connect with your products and services. This can lead to increased product knowledge and a deeper connection to the company’s mission and goals.

The convenience of shopping on an internal platform can’t be overstated. Employees save time and money, which can translate into greater job satisfaction and loyalty.

An employee shopping intranet is more than just a benefit, though. It’s also a smart strategy to bolster employee engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty, turning employees into some of the company’s most passionate ambassadors.

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