What Can an Intranet Do
for Your Retail Business?

What can intranet software for retail do? A hubley
retail intranet will digitize your operations and simplify
many of your backend workflows. An intranet
centralizes team communications and improves
efficiency as a business solution.


Centralize Collaboration Across Teams, Departments, and the Whole Business

Team members can use your hubley retail intranet to share marketing collateral, media files, and other content.

hubley makes it easy to distribute guidelines for all departments to use. The result is more cohesion and collaboration between marketing, sales, design, floor operations, and other departments. Whether your business has one location or hundreds, hubley intranet for retail can improve operations at every level.

Enhance Staff Communication

Keep the whole team up to date on the latest company news, upcoming events, product launches, and more.

hubley offers communication tools for pushing out updates to team members, collaborating on ideas, and addressing common questions. Ensure that everyone is on the same page about a major upcoming sales event or ready to answer common customer questions.


Bring Together Resources for Your Key Operational Processes

Retail businesses have numerous processes needed to operate efficiently.

Shift scheduling, customer query handling, product pricing and display, checking availability, order dispatching, and information workflows are all essential to the success of your retail business. Collaborate with other retail locations to know what works best with every new product in real time. hubley retail intranet makes it easy to bring these information resources and processes together in one place.

Empower Your Team Members With Information

In a retail setting, floor workers need to be both product experts and customer service specialists.

Make rising to this challenge easier by providing your team members with all the information they need. hubley can be a powerful resource for hosting training materials, pricing and specification references, inventory data, and more.


Provide Convenient Links to Valuable Resources

With hubley resource links, teams can easily share links to resources outside of the company intranet.

With hubley resource links, teams can easily share links to resources outside of the company intranet. Set resource links to be accessible on a team, department, or company level. hubley’s smart, context-driven layouts help to ensure that every intranet user always has the right links and resources at the right time. 

Push Out the Latest Information With Alerts

hubley alerts feature makes pushing out reminders and updates to your team quicker and easier than ever.

hubley alerts feature makes pushing out reminders and updates to your team quicker and easier than ever. Retail businesses often rely on coordination throughout multiple locations. By sending alerts to team members, you can remind them about notable updates and upcoming events. You can also use alerts for order picking, weekly reports, and more.


Integrate Your eCommerce Operations

Retail businesses are using eCommerce to help expand their audience and build more robust business models.

With hubley, integrate your eCommerce operations with your team’s physical-world work. Use your intranet software for retail to aid order picking, reporting for business intelligence, automating compliance, and more!

Explore the Power of Retail Intranet Today

hubley offers intranet solutions that can help power your retail business’s success.

It is the perfect way to bring your operational systems and communication together in an organized and rational manner across multiple departments and locations. Your business will be more coordinated than ever before.

hubley can be customized to suit your business’s unique branding and layout needs. Customization is easy with SharePoint templates, even without technical knowledge. From team pages to performance reports to integrated systems, you can make your hubley intranet your own.

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