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  • Integrate Microsoft Teams Integrate Microsoft Teams into your intranet experience with our TeamsHub.
  • Easy to track Microsoft Teams just got easier to access and track.
  • Helps to keep up Search capabilities help users keep up with both public and private Teams.
  • Join, Collaborate, Succeed! Search for public teams you may be interested in: Join, Collaborate, Succeed!
  • Easy new Team creation Easily request new Team creation with a built-in provisioning process and handy templates for internal committees, projects, and team collaboration.


  • Faces to names Putting faces to names. Do it easily using our StaffHub.
  • Self populating Integrated with Active Directory, SharePoint User Profiles, or third-party systems, it populates itself.
  • Locate your contact Locate your contact by searching, filtering, and using customizable fields such as your role, skills, and even hobbies.
  • Customize Customize your StaffHub experience in ways that fit your culture. Astrological sign? We can do that.
  • Exportable It's also exportable with reporting and auditing capabilities.


  • Personalized experience The modern digital workplace, for all its efficiencies, brings competing priorities and multiple sources of information. MyHub cuts through the noise with an entirely personalized experience.
  • View and take action Use MyHub not only to see--but to take action on--your latest emails, events, curated links, Planner tasks, documents you’ve modified, SharePoint sites you’ve followed, content you’ve bookmarked, and Teams you’re part of.
  • No switching between apps Don’t waste another minute tracking down a communication site you liked or switching from Teams to Outlook to accomplish a task when MyHub does it for you.


  • Keep your features up to date What are your employees consuming? Stay in the know and keep your features up to date with intelligence from our AnalyticsHub.
  • Evaluate content effectiveness With a beautiful layout and easy customization, display your user data to evaluate content effectiveness and intranet interactions.
  • Quick access Change your report and chart types easily so you won’t ever fall behind.


Quick access

Quickly access and filter documents, FAQs,
photos, and videos--all your organization’s most
important archived and active collateral.

Fireproof box

Like a fireproof box for your enterprise. Great
for HR and benefit information but you can
use it anywhere.



  • Crowdsource ideas Get your ideas out there! Crowdsource ideas from your users.
  • Post Ideas Post ideas in your department or companywide with IdeaHub.
  • Feedback Invite feedback from your peers.
  • Match up Match up votes and trends for faster collaboration and implementation!


  • Engage your team In a market where your team members really are your quality differentiator, engage them with a series of features made just for them: Photos, polls, peer praise, celebrations. Employee birthdays, anniversaries, and new hires all populate automatically.
  • Show your commitmentSee if your workforce is engaged. Every poll, comment, and like tells a story. And you show your commitment to your teams and recognition of their good work.


  • One point of access One point of access for all your organization’s social media posts.
  • All in one spot Ensure messaging consistency and regularity with displays feeds from Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, in one spot. 
  • Up to date Keep your employees up to date on your organization’s public persona.

Client Testimonials


“I feel like we have had SharePoint experts at our fingertips. Every time we ask for a feature or for specific functionality, they have always said "yes" and made it happen.”

Alyssa Anderson, Executive Assistant / Office Manager, Birchstone Residential
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