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Personalized corporate communications, employee engagement, and the productive work stuff - your intranet has it all

This means no more blast emails or sunk time digging through your inbox. hubley has all the core features your enterprise needs.

Specialized Department Portals


Key Features


Quickly display company and department events with the ability to roll them up to the homepage. Plus add items straight to your Outlook calendar!


Your organizations own News feed. Keep your employees in the know with company news and announcements.


Alerts that pop-up on the front page as a red banner to alert employees of critical announcements

Features Rotator

Keep your pages dynamic with rotating pictures and announcements. Great way to display important news or highlight success

Quick Links

Promoted shortcuts on the Intranet front page makes navigation fast and easy. Link to internal or external applications.


All your content and Information is easy to find leveraging SharePoint’s unmatched search experience.


A forum for your employees to post blog content with or without incorporating Yammer!

Personalized Weather

Display the weather directly on your homepage unique to each individuals location


Provide frequently asked questions and answers on your hubley intranet with the FAQ feature.

Forms and Surveys

Improve task management and deliver feedback with forms, polls, and surveys

Media Library

Easily present rich media content such as videos and images that are fully searchable!

Social Feeds

Keep your organization in the know by promoting your public persona and displaying feeds directly on your home or department page. Includes LinkedIn, Twitter, FaceBook and Instagram

And! More features that practically snap in by themselves.

Staff Directory

Putting faces to names. Do it easily using our staff directory. Integrated with SharePoint User Profiles, it populates itself. Locate your contact by searching, filtering, and using customizable fields such as skills, hobbies, eye color. We kid on that last one - but we can customize this guy in whatever ways fit your culture. It's also exportable with reporting and auditing capabilities.

hubley staff directory

Dynamic Org Chart

Dynamic organizational chart leveraging a fly-out user interface to facilitate quick navigation to the organizational hierarchy.  Includes the ability to search and filter by department, role, and geography. Organizational structure auto populates from manager field in Active Directory/SP Groups


Our People

In a market where your team members really are your quality differentiator, engage them with a series of features made just for them: Photos, polls, peer praise, celebrations. Find out if your workforce is engaged. Every poll, comment, and like tells a story. And you show your commitment to your teams and recognition of their good work.


Knowledge Center

Quickly access and filter documents, FAQs, photos, and videos--all your organization’s most important archived and active collateral. It’s like a fireproof box for your enterprise. Great for HR and benefit information but you can use it anywhere.

Mega Menu inside of hubley


If you have or anticipate a robust SharePoint environment, our mega-menu will solve many of your pain points. Minimize user clicks by configuring your mega-menu with three levels of links, item-level security, and hundreds of icons to select from.

Social Hub

It is one of our most requested modules: one point of access for all of your organization’s social media posts. Ensure messaging consistency and regularity with displays feeds from LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, in one spot. Keep your employees up to date on your organizations public persona.

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