Simple and Effective Intranet for Education

Quickly Expand Communications Between Teachers, Students, and Administrators with a Unified Intranet Solution


How Can Educators Benefit from an Intranet?

Technology has vastly changed the education landscape. Your classrooms can now go beyond their physical spaces.

Educators use their intranets to bring teachers, students, and staff together. Using an intranet to deliver quality communication through a single channel increases accessibility and the flow of information.

Everyone can access a unified set of resources to streamline their work and improve their understanding of the broader organization without lengthy meetings or dated documentation.

How hubley Intranet for Schools Helps

The hubley platform supplies features that bring benefits to every educational institution, regardless of size, public/private status, or needs.


A Single, Central Library of Resources

Knowledge is the foundation of education. Is your organization fully taking advantage of the knowledge your employees hold? hubley's powerful search helps leverage your employees’ stored and combined organizational resources.


An intranet for schools and universities also makes it easy to track and serve policies that large organizations like these need to run.

A hubley intranet for colleges makes the days of pamphlets and PowerPoints for policies ancient history. Instead, any administrator or professor can supply a link to the necessary information to get students the help they need fast.

Control over policies is complete and immediate. With hubley, disorganized rollouts and conflicting information are a thing of the past. Instead, your intranet makes it easier than ever to deliver information to the staff and students who need it.

Communicate policies, combine resources, manage documentation, and provide an extensive information library to authorized users with an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to organize.

Better Staff Communication

A university relies on communication between its staff members to make the best work happen. Send alerts and push notifications to notify and create news stories and events to inform.

Faculty can communicate with each other to coordinate office hours, get their students the help they need, and collaborate on larger projects. Admin can make announcements and share critical operational information.

Instead of easy-to-lose email chains and handwritten notes, an intranet for universities collects all necessary information about these communications in one place.

With everything from a meeting calendar to a chance to share anonymous feedback, an intranet facilitates communication between peers and across management levels like never before.

  • people-finder

    People Finder

    Use this hubley feature to search through your entire school’s entire staff directory. In fact, users will find more than just people using hubley search.

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    Organization Charts

    The Org Chart is a visual representation of the company structure. Use it as a quick reference guide for employees on the department or company level. The Org chart can be viewed as a companywide chart or filtered down to a specific department.

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    Display unlimited organizational events and keep track of attendance through registration capabilities. Easily showcase all upcoming events and allow students and staff to track their personal registrations through a personal 'My Events' section. Set attendance limits for in person occasions or keep it open for all your digital seminars and events. Socialize your intranet users with campus, department, and student-only events.

Centralized Resources

More efficient documentation gives your school more room to grow, and faster growth means you must create new rules, regulations, and network pages much faster.

While most applications need a lot of time to set up new pages, hubley makes it easier to grow fast with stability.

With only a few SharePoint lists and a single document archive, you can create a database of resources and policies for your school. Expansion is as easy, especially if you integrate hubley with your existing intranet or other third-party applications. Don’t give up the programs that support your tech stack — instead, bring them together.

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