The Value of an Intranet for
Manufacturing Businesses

With the right intranet, your manufacturing business
can centralize its workflows, reporting, training, and
processes to become more streamlined and efficient.
Better teamwork and simplified operations mean
bottom-line results for your brand.

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Centralize All Your Team’s Resources

Bring together all the resources your team needs to operate in a centralized platform. hubley can become your team’s single source of truth for all documentation and data.

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Ensure Access to Information on Protocols and Processes

For manufacturers, following protocols and processes is not a matter of consistency; it also impacts safety. With a hubley intranet, you can give your team easy access to all the information they need to get the job done right. Access hubley on the go through the hubley mobile app, too.

Share Employee Expertise and Organizational Knowledge

Manufacturers often rely on the expertise of individual team members to achieve the best results. Capture organizational knowledge with hubley as a central training and knowledge platform.

Simplify HR Processes With PolicyHub

Keep employees up to date with company policies and human resources processes using PolicyHub. This powerful feature lets you collect and track policy acknowledgments from team members. Never miss compliance updates with PolicyHub.

Facilitate Better
Team Communication

Communication is at the heart of every business. Manufacturing operations require the combined knowledge and insights of many departments. Unite all departments including production, marketing, safety, and more on your manufacturing intranet.

Facilitate Better
Team Communication

Keep your management in the loop with real-time reporting on production operations, upcoming meetings, projects, and events. Facilitate collaboration between engineering and marketing teams to put your business’s best foot forward.

Facilitate Better
Team Communication

Using IdeaHub, share ideas and brainstorm as a team. Collaborate on those ideas to help turn them from concepts into actionable projects.

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Bring Together All Your Processes and Resources

Bring together all the platforms, processes, and resources that help your company operate. hubley can become your dashboard at the center of all your operations.

Simplify Functions Like Shift Scheduling and Order Dispatching

In manufacturing, production floor uptime has a huge impact on the bottom line. With intranet-based shift scheduling, order dispatching, and more, simplify your processes and keep everyone in the know.

Make Accessing Inventory and Other Data Easy

Making informed decisions can be the difference between success and failure in any business. Keep your purchasing and production team updated on current inventory levels.

Use Context To Simplify Link Access

Differentiate resource links depending on the user and site access. The links for the human resources site can be different from those on the marketing site. Maintain company-wide, high-priority links on every page. It is smart and adapts to each user’s needs.

Select Your Audience for
Streamlined Communication

With hubley alerts, you can send each message to a customized audience. Pick individual teams or departments you want to alert. Alternatively, send a company-wide alert. This audience customization makes alerts even more powerful.

Stay In Touch With Alerts

Pushing information to team members is important for every business. With alerts, let employees know about the latest data, events, and more. Ensure that everyone gets the message by pushing notifications straight to their intranet front pages. Use this to send order details, reports, and reminders.

Link to Outside Resources

hubley resource links make it easy to bring outside resources into your intranet. These are customizable and add to your on-intranet resources and integrations.

Client Testimonials

Our hubley experience has been exceptionally good. Excellent customer service and a highly organized team.

Max Francia, Marketing Director, Atlantic Sapphire


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