Streamlined Healthcare
Intranet Solution Positively
Impacts Patient Care

A healthcare intranet solution improves patient care,
enhances training and education among staff, enables
communication, and provides employees with access to
vital tools that improve time efficiency.

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Creating Efficient Processes With Healthcare Intranet

What effects can an intranet have on your organization? With an intranet solution, you can streamline patient care and create efficiency in care delivery. Digital storage allows authorized clinicians to access patient files, whether to update information in real-time or pull records post-visit.

A hubley intranet provides private and secure storage. Worry not about transmitting all healthcare resources, data, and messages. hubley's enterprise-level data security meets your healthcare organization's needs. Our expert team will work with you to customize your security settings, so your team members will have reliable access to the data they need to serve their clients and patients.

Boost Healthcare Providers' Engagement

hubley's intranet for healthcare organizations changes the way providers communicate, collaborate, and address patient needs.

Change can be difficult but communicating using hubley and Microsoft 365 means more accurate, current information than traditional paperwork channels and long email threads. Keep staff engaged and productive in all aspects of healthcare service delivery. Here are a few of our favorite features for hubley in the healthcare space:



Display organization seminars and keep track of attendance through registration capabilities. Easily showcase all upcoming workshops and allow users to track their registrations through a personal 'My Events' section. Set capacity limits for in-person occasions or keep it open for all your digital webinars.



Send reminders and track practitioners' acknowledgments of form or assignment deliverables. Create logs and download CSV files to stay on track of company acknowledgments



PolicyHub+ is a guided policy owner experience for updating, assigning for review, assigning for acknowledgment, and publishing policies.


PTO Request

Staff can submit their PTO requests directly to their managers! Communicate dates, hours, and reasons for your requested time. Managers can track and notify their employees of request status and view a full calendar of all approved times.


Resource Links

Give quick access to your users through Resource Links. This web part can display relevant resource links and can change depending on what part of your intranet your user is accessing.

hubley balls healthcare

Providing Healthcare Departments With So Many Advantages

A healthcare intranet facilitates staff communication, a centralized resource hub, and greater efficiency in data tracking for the best patient care services. Check out these value-adds:

Search filters allow the staff to search for specific nurses, doctors, clinic locations, or departments. The tag feature makes it possible to look for a team with specialties.
Centralized resources will provide greater efficiency in the patient care experience and processes, as all essential information is centrally located and accessible online.
Update files in real-time to reflect care being provided, giving a more comprehensive and accurate view of the patient's condition and treatment.

Client Testimonials


“Using hubley has been great! They have some excellent features that really add functionality and unique ways to engage our team members through the intranet.”

Lexi Verret, Communication Strategist, FMOLHS - Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System

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