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Team Collaboration: Bring Data and Teams Together

Technology has made communication among team members more efficient. Yet, data shows that most employees struggle to remain engaged in their work and with their peers. A disengaged workforce reduces productivity and dampens the company’s morale. When unhappy employees aren’t giving the company the best of their ideas or efforts, it has bottom-line effects on growth potential. Turnover rates alone help quantify the risk of disengagement to an enterprise. With a social intranet, there’s a solution for your engagement challenges.

Action You Can Take

Rather than let company productivity fall off or let employees remain isolated and disconnected, take action to change your company culture. An open company intranet brings data and teams together in several positive ways to impact the achievement of common goals. By improving engagement, you stand to boost profitability and surpass the competition. One study shows that companies with engaged employees tend to outperform similar businesses with disengaged employees by 200%! You can’t afford to wait any longer. Working with hubley gives your company that edge.

Benefits You’ll Gain

An intranet encourages and drives team collaboration. It simplifies access to information and one another. There are several ways an intranet solution benefits a business, but here are key changes it can make in the area of team collaboration and engagement.

  1. It Removes Barrier to Communication

Even with cell phones and emails, it is hard to get everyone on the same page about a project or idea. There are generally dozens of people who have a part in decision-making. Tracking the right people down is time-consuming and chaotic. The more channels information has to go through, the easier it is for important information to get buried or overlooked. Employees on the tail-end of decision-making don’t get a look into the process and are often left to deal with the outcomes. This lack of teamwide decision-making awareness can lower engagement.

An intranet keeps employees more invested in their tasks as they can see the bigger picture of information and decision-making. They can ask questions in a forum or thread on the topic or receive the memo first-hand from upper management. An intranet can weed out the middleman of communication.

  1. It’s Comfortable for the Current Workforce Generation

Over the next few years, millennials will account for about 75% of the workforce. This is important to take note of and prepare for. This generation tends to engage more in team activities and group-think opportunities. These collaborative individuals feel they achieve their personal best when they engage with and receive support from others.

An intranet provides the perfect environment for millennials. It is a place where individuals can talk and collaborate. It provides a way to access the information needed for decision-making and provides a space for questions or feedback to ideas or challenges. An intranet streamlines communication opportunities for a group that loves to engage. It also gives these employees the sense that they have a voice in company processes. This comfort and belonging will heighten engagement and produce more loyalty to the company.

  1. It Promotes Self-Expression and Sharing

Many companies are experimenting with or moving toward remote employment. Though companies have found that this can save on overhead expenses, it can be a hard transition for employees who rely on social interaction and in-person collaboration to stay engaged with their job. Working remotely can be isolating, but an intranet can bridge the gap between distance and personal interaction.

Rather than relying on long email chains between individuals or a small group, employee collaboration can occur with several people at one time and in real-time. There is more opportunity to more confidently get involved in the conversation since an employee has access to all the information needed to make an informed contribution.

Instant messaging is one way to express concern, volunteer information, or clarify certain topics, but it doesn’t always have to be work-related to be meaningful. A company intranet system with discussion forums, a dedicated space for announcements, peer praise, and a news hub promotes personal involvement with peers and the company culture. It’s not just sharing data or facts. Congratulating a coworker on an anniversary, celebrating birthdays, or announcing departmental milestones brings joy back into the modern workplace.

Opportunities You Should Take Today

Knowing the difference that a social intranet system can have on your company’s culture and engagement rate, it’s vital to consider hubley for a personalized, intuitive SharePoint solution. Contact our representatives to learn more about the positive impact a custom intranet can have on your business. Why wait another day?

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