4 Ways an Intranet Can Benefit Your HR Department

As we all know, the remote employee workforce is exploding. The transition to off-site work locations brings about new challenges for everyone. Human resource departments still need to fulfill employees’ needs and concerns about workplace issues and be the central connection for employees. This leads to a need for new processes that can keep up with all the changes that come with a dispersed workforce. hubley’s intranet solution helps HR departments adapt their workforce management strategy to remain relevant and effective.

The Challenges With Remote Employment Situations

HR departments need convenient access to employees, recruits, and new hires to perform their job functions. The majority of job duties require collaboration, instruction, relationship-building, and document processing. It’s more than just an initial onboarding experience. An intranet software helps HR staff connect with the job market, narrow down applicants, evaluate the company culture for connection with new hires, and more. This entire process becomes infinitely more complicated with a team limited to only emails, phone calls, and file-sharing programs.

It takes time and effort to develop a relationship of loyalty and trust with employees. Recruiting, interviewing, and training looks quite different in today’s work setting. This can impact how well new hires transition into the company and engage or become a part of the culture. This is why incorporating a social intranet software into the HR strategy for employee management helps all facets of HR.

Human Resources Intranet Advantages

The benefits of an intranet solution for HR can counter many of the challenges associated with remote employment. Each company can put in place a different selection of features and applications depending on how they intend to use the system. Some of the most prolific key benefits of hubley’s intranet solution are:

  1. Consistent and Convenient File Sharing

HR departments handle a lot of paperwork for a lot of people. With an HR intranet, it is a one-stop-shop for all the company’s paperwork needs, whether it be an applicant, new hire, or seasoned employee. An intranet can provide a self-service option where health insurance paperwork, schedules, department and employee contact information, PTO requests, or training manuals can be accessed at any time. This can eliminate an endless back and forth between HR departments and employees. 

  1. Personal Involvement in Benefit Administration

There is plenty of liability with benefits administration and oversight. Omitting information or overlooking details or entries can lead to denied claims or other employee headaches. With an intranet solution, employees can play a more active part in enrolling in the company’s healthcare plans or 401k packages. Employees can update their personal information, such as tax withholding or their number of dependents, and their health plan during open enrollment. With reporting features, the HR team can then verify and follow-up on employee activity. This reduces the strain on the HR team. 

  1. Increased Return on Investment With New Hires

The onboarding process of new employees consumes a lot of time and money. An HR intranet can make the onboarding process more affordable and effective! Use intranet resources to emphasize training and engagement in the most vital areas. Besides the new hire paperwork, a hubley intranet can provide access to other resources. Add training videos, instant messaging tools, and job-specific manuals to meet employee needs. An intranet allows for a one-stop-shop for all resources for all employees, whether they are trainees or C-level. These features provide new employees with more thorough training that happens more quickly. Bring a better return on investment when your organization adds to its talent pool.

  1. Streamlined Tasks and Functions

You can’t expect to fulfill every function of HR over an intranet system. But, the time-saving ability of an intranet leaves more opportunity during the workday for these in-person duties to occur. A primary benefit to the Human Resource department is the automation of workflow in several different areas. Reporting becomes a breeze, and communication opportunities expand to everyone in the company. Personal feedback and discussion forums can help generate insight into addressable areas creating a more open connection between employees.

Knowledge distribution, whether through published documents, forms from HR, or through employee one-on-one interaction, is made easy on your intranet. A centralized knowledge source removes obstacles that hinder productivity and lead to high turnover rates. This is a clear win-win for HR departments. Employees can work with each other for collaborative needs, leaving HR out of the picture. 

Ground zero for employee engagement and retention is your HR department. This is the central hub of training, benefits, and conflict resolution. An intranet solution can deliver the resources needed to maximize department efficiency and effectiveness in a remote working environment and well into the future. hubley offers the best in intranet solutions, building a customized solution for your needs.

hubley™ is an adaptable intranet you can customize to perfectly fit your company’s needs. Our pricing depends solely upon what you require. Request a demo from us today and see how hubley™ can change how your business works. 

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