7 Intranet Benefits that Make a Difference

7 Intranet Benefits for HR That Make a Difference

The HR industry can benefit significantly from the right intranet solution. However, many businesses in the field are not yet using one, at least not to the fullest extent, which is a real shame. Human Resources is the behind-the-scenes hero department, or at least it is in our eyes. If your business is among the many that are not powering its HR functions with a modern intranet solution, it is time to change that.  

With that being said, join us as we take a deep dive into seven intranet benefits for HR. We will also discuss a few HR intranet examples to highlight potential use cases for this versatile technology.  

What’s Intranet Exactly? 

Before we shift our focus to HR intranet benefits, let’s recap what this popular tech term actually means. Generally speaking, an intranet refers to a private network that is “contained within an enterprise.” 

In other words, an intranet is an internal network that you and your team can use to share computing resources and business data with other staff members.  

HR Intranet Examples  

An HR intranet can be used to facilitate all sorts of day-to-day tasks. You and your team can use it to share company news with employees across your organization or manage a staff directory, and you can even use your intranet to share, manage, and collaborate on important files, such as candidate profiles. 

Intranet solutions can integrate with other applications and software. For instance, SharePoint, Microsoft’s intranet solution, can integrate with Office, Teams, Azure, and other Microsoft 365 products.  

If you already find yourself intrigued by the idea of streamlining information sharing across your entire suite of business apps, just wait until we reveal the other HR intranet benefits.  

7 Intranet Benefits for HR 

Seven of the most notable HR intranet benefits include the following:

1. Centralized and Structured Data

When your organizational data is scattered across a bunch of different disjointed applications, your governance and compliance efforts suffer. Implementing an HR intranet solution will help you solve your data management woes by providing you with a single source of truth. 

You can use your intranet framework to access all sorts of important business data, from company policies to the contact information of team members in other departments. The right intranet solution will also support your compliance, governance, and cybersecurity initiatives, all of which are vital to business continuity. 

2. Enhanced Privacy

Adhering to regulatory requirements can be challenging, time-consuming, and tedious, but failing to meet these requirements can expose your organization to unnecessary liabilities and cause you to face the ire of regulatory entities.  

If compliance becomes a perpetual problem, you will incur fines and suffer lasting damage to your brand image, neither of which is any good for business. 

An HR intranet solution will promote collaboration and facilitate information sharing while also promoting privacy. Such a solution will also protect vital customer data, whether it is being stored (at rest) or is in transit. You can further improve your privacy and security measures by setting custom access restrictions that limit who can view such sensitive data.

3. Easier Document Management

If you’re tired of tracking down rogue Word documents or policy folders, then you definitely need a robust intranet solution.  

Leveraging an intranet platform like SharePoint and combining it with hubley’s integration will allow you to seamlessly manage documents across your entire organization. You can author changes directly from the intranet interface and waste less time searching for hidden files.

4. Improved Collaboration

As an HR professional, one of your core responsibilities is to help your organization’s teams collaborate, communicate, and work together, but how can you possibly expect to achieve this goal if you and your fellow HR pros lack the tools you need to work together efficiently?  

The answer is that you simply cannot, but the good news is that the top intranet solutions are designed with collaboration in mind. Implementing hubley’s set of integrations will empower you and your staff to share files, coauthor documents, and get more done. 

5. Streamlined Communication

Few things undermine teamwork and productivity more than poor communication. If your organization lacks a modern intranet solution, poor communication will be an all-too-familiar headache. These communication barriers can be particularly detrimental to your HR department, as everything you do hinges on your ability to share information and interact with others. 

Leading intranet technologies provide unified communication solutions that break down barriers between teams and departments. You can send reminder notifications to staff members, chat with your team, push out updates, disseminate important deadlines, and so much more, therefore keeping everyone in the loop and eliminating the frustrations associated with poor communication.

6. Optimized Information Accessibility

If you’ve ever requested important information from another department, only for it to take hours or even days to get to you, then you know just how frustrating the entire exchange can be. While you know that they have their own set of priorities and responsibilities, you cannot move forward until you get your hands on the information you requested, and it’d be nice if you could just access the data yourself. 

With the right intranet solution in place, you could. Instead of wasting your time and pulling your team members away from important tasks, you could simply query the needed information on your intranet database.

7. Better Onboarding

Think about your current onboarding process and whether it typically involves printing out stacks of physical documents for new hires to sign and scanning them back into your database. Such an onboarding process not only wastes countless amounts of paper but also eats away at your precious time and causes friction among new team members.  

The leading intranet solutions make onboarding fast, efficient, and simple. Your newest employees can use the intranet to review documents, get up-to-speed on company policies, locate org charts and directory information, and so much more.  

Why Should You Choose hubley?  

After familiarizing yourself with the significant intranet benefits for HR, you are probably ready to implement your own intranet solution. If so, hubley is the ideal option for HR teams of all sizes. 

hubley is a SharePoint intranet solution that can empower your business to increase productivity and work more efficiently. It also includes robust security tools to keep your confidential business data out of the wrong hands.  

To learn more about this exciting opportunity to up your HR game, connect with hubley and schedule a customized demo.  

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