4 Reasons Employees Won’t Use Your Intranet

A user-friendly intranet solution seems like the perfect answer for businesses looking to keep employees in the loop. With an easy-to-use intranet platform, employees can quickly access files, contact information, and company announcements. However, managers are noticing that employees are not utilizing company intranets and are less engaged. 

So what went wrong? What keeps your employee intranet from being more effective? It's usually one of the following four things.

1. Outdated Content

Poor intranet content leads to a poor intranet experience. When employees don't find the content relevant or up-to-date, they cannot rely on your intranet and do not take advantage of all it offers. That means keeping employee contact information up-to-date, training resources relevant and current, and scrubbing any old outdated data to ensure that employees buy into your intranet platform. 

Lots of long, wordy articles don't tend to attract employees' attention. Compelling visuals like interactive polls, quizzes, and videos make for captivating content and ensure that teams view essential company information. Engage your employees even further by showcasing peer praise and celebrations on your company intranet. 

With an intranet-in-a-box service that provides regular updates like hubley GREEN, building a successful and engaging content strategy will be a breeze.

2. Poor Navigation and Search Features

How you personalize and design your company intranet can play a significant role in how often employees utilize it. If your search function makes it hard to find documents, employees may get frustrated. Prioritize the employee user experience. 

With hubley GREEN, we're continually improving our intranet system to bring you a better user experience with intuitive navigation so your employees can find what they want when they want it. At hubley, we're committed to doing our part to make your operations more streamlined, efficient, and productive.

3. Lack of Ownership and Investment

Often companies treat intranet platforms as a one-and-done investment relying on IT gurus to set everything up and then wind up with no transparent, accountable processes for updates and improvement. If you want an intranet experience that works for your employees, you need to set ownership and create a content strategy that serves employees' best interests. Intranet-in-a-box solution like hubley GREEN provides your organization with quarterly updates to features and forward-thinking enhancements to develop enthusiastic and committed intranet users.

4. Scattered Resources Everywhere

Employee intranet setups are useful because they bring your company's resources together, making it possible for a user to navigate to any piece of content without having to leave their desk. Unfortunately, many companies have resources set up as stand-alone portals, often legacy systems from before an integrated intranet was a priority. This can leave employees with multiple tools and logins to remember, making it hard to be comfortable with one system. hubley GREEN offers communication, collaboration, and engagement all in one.

Give Your Staff The Information They Need In A User-Friendly Way

Modernizing your intranet means working with a trusted intranet solution provider. You can easily integrate hubley with your Sharepoint, Office 365, and third-party applications for your company's unique needs. Putting all of your resources in one place simplifies everything from quality control to access management, reducing the administrative overhead that's needed to keep your company running smoothly. A unified intranet is not only easy for existing employees to use, but it's also significantly easier to bring on and train new team members.  

As a hubley GREEN client, it is our guarantee to you that your intranet will always stay fresh. 

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