4 Reasons Employees Won’t Use Your Intranet #GoGreen

We like to keep it real here on the hubley team, so we cover good stuff like intranet buy-in and gratitude, and balance it with talk about a real #bummer–the 4 reasons employees won’t use your intranet. But the great news is that you can fairly easily knock down these 4 annoying barriers to success with hubley. #GoGreen! Here, we’ll explain below.


Reason 1: Content is out of date, search doesn’t work, and there is no organization or governance. I’m not psychic, but this means your teams are thinking, “What good is it if it’s not reliable?” This intranet is like the neighbor you would not even ask to grab Amazon packages delivered to your door while you’re out of town.

Now for reason 2: Perhaps this scenario applies to you. There’s really nothing in the intranet. It’s light on useful info. Moreover, everyone uses emails with attachments (GAH!) to share information. That’s a bad loop, and it’s certainly hard to get out of. Probably this intranet is the person at the holiday party you navigate around to avoid awkward conversation.

And reason 3: It’s ugly. That was blunt. It may have hurt. For that I apologize, but ugly intranets don’t get any love. They appear old and irrelevant, and, consequently, don’t appeal to anyone. Just ask Nielsen Norman because they know their stuff. As a result, this intranet is similar to the baby on Seinfeld: “Some ugly baby, huh?

Which leads us to reason 4: It looks the same, every.single.day. Almost nothing changes. Nothing is grabbing anyone’s attention. The intranet seems like like the face of the person you’ve been dating for a decade. Even more monotony, rut, all the same-same-same. Boring!

That’s a lot of bad juju up there, so let’s jump into the good news. As mentioned, we have a solution for you.


You know about hubley already, probably, if you’re reading this. In contrast to the old intranet model focused on top-down messaging, it is an entire platform designed to enable communication, collaboration, and engagement. In short, it’s awesome. And the super good news is that we are launching our hubley GREEN program, which, coincidentally, makes communication, collaboration, and engagement even richer. Here’s how it works.

First of all, you sign up for a hubley implementation. If you would like a demo, click here, and we’ll help you out. Let’s talk about it and get excited (I do mean both of us because we are always ready to get excited about hubley).

Next, you opt into GREEN. This painless maintenance program provides your organization quarterly updates to features and forward-thinking enhancements. Every quarter, we’ll delight your users with freshness. Consider this: GREEN is the nip-tuck that made your mother look like your sister, not like the Real Housewives makeover that made your bff’s cousin look like a house cat. It’s an easy way to work positive change into your digital workplace. Most noteworthy, GREEN creates enthusiastic and committed intranet users. 

Finally, be an intranet hero! If you’re the project sponsor or on the maintenance team, you will get street cred like you’ve never thought possible. Enjoy those accolades, for you have earned them by eliminating the useless, awkward, ugly, boring intranet complaints.

Is 2019 your year for a re-imagined intranet experience? Let’s do this with hubley GREEN!

Thanks for reading!

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