Revolutionize Onboarding with Onboarding Hub: A Seamless Integration for New Hires

According to the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM), new employee onboarding is the process of integrating a new employee with a company and its culture in addition to providing this new hire with the tools and information needed to become a productive team member. Orientation is one of the most essential parts of new hire onboarding, but the two are not interchangeable. While orientation is often necessary — generally paperwork and other routine tasks — it is only the beginning of onboarding a new hire. Onboarding should be a strategic process lasting a year at least.  

During this strategic process, managers can make an impression that sticks with employees for the duration of their careers. Indeed, an experienced manager knows that onboarding can be a determining factor in an employee’s success — and the handling of the first few days and months of a new employee’s experience is pivotal to the retention of employees.  

What’s the secret, then, for streamlining this process, optimizing its efficiency, and leveraging its power? hubley’s Onboarding Hub is an add-on app for your SharePoint intranet. Onboard your employees with a full suite of management and training features right on your hubley intranet. New hire onboarding should be fun and functional, and with the hubley Onboarding Hub, it is! 

Start Onboarding Off Right

Onboarding Hub Dashboard
Employee Onboarding Hub Dashboard

One of the most important aspects of onboarding is correct documentation of a new hire and the effective organization of the new hire’s data. Many companies manage these initial new hire onboarding tasks with data scattered across many systems. The hubley Onboarding Hub offers a solution to this problem. hubley Onboarding Hub integrates with many human resource management systems (HRIS). This allows recruiters or managers to add new hires to your staff records in your company files before assigning a manager and task list. This allows for simpler-than-ever data management and organization of company structure. Never toggle between many programs again while trying to manage employee data. Enjoy one new employee onboarding suite that does it all.

Assign Roles and Tasks

The power of hubley’s Onboarding Hub is found in its simplicity. No other new employee onboarding system offers the same breadth of features coupled with unparalleled ease of use. Among its most notable features is the ability to assign roles and responsibilities to all employees.

SharePoint Administrators (Admins) Onboarding Administrators (Admins) Managers and Mentors Employees
SharePoint Administrators will be responsible for managing the site, itself. If you’ve been tasked to Manage Employee Records or manage tasks, you might be an Onboarding Administrator. Managers and Mentors will be helping your new employees through the Onboarding processes. Employees are the main attraction in Onboardinghub. New Employees will be welcomed into the Onboarding process with a cozy, customizable welcome message.

Once accounting for an employee in your compatible HRIS system, the hubley Onboarding Hub allows you to assign a manager, task list, and task timeline. This is done through Onboarding Hub’s Employee Management Dashboard. Users with administrative permissions can engage with new hires in ways like creating full task lists and generating an overall task completion timeline. 

All tasks should represent a meaningful component of a new hire’s onboarding process. Onboarding Hub comes loaded with a library of task templates that allow managers to create onboarding exercises that align with company goals. Some basic onboarding tasks that admins can assign include the following: 

  • Complete any outstanding documents 
  • Review orientation materials 
  • Set up any company accounts 
  • Communicate with manager or mentor 

Assign tasks such as these can to individual new hires and track their progress of completion from the Employee Management Dashboard. 

Besides these features, Onboarding Hub calculates an appropriate timeline for each new hire’s projected completion of a task. The date is assigned based on the employee’s start date and the day and week that the task is assigned. If a new hire has a start date of July 3, and they are assigned an onboarding task for Week One, Day Three, the task will be due on July 6. Administrators can revise these deadlines if they do not align with onboarding goals, or they can grant extensions if more time is needed to complete a task. 

Leverage your Onboarding Data

Data is one of the most precious resources any company can have, but it’s often underutilized and difficult to compile. When you’re fine-tuning a process as important as new hire onboarding, you need all the information you can get. hubley Onboarding Hub offers unparalleled data reporting that empowers companies to take ownership of their onboarding process and optimize it for success. 

Onboarding Hub can generate several reports on employee activity that can help you better understand new hires’ needs and struggles. These reports provide data on many functions in the system, including: 

  • Task status of employee 
  • Completion rate of tasks 
  • General employee status 
  • Overall employee progress 
  • Weekly employee progress 
  • Overdue tasks 
Employee Status Report
This report is a snapshot of overall progress, weekly progress, and overdue tasks.

These reports can help administrators gain insight into which parts of onboarding are succeeding, which parts may need improvement, and which need an update. This is a powerful source of data that has the potential to improve employee outcomes. 

Without a streamlined system such as hubley’s Onboarding Hub in place, data collection can be a laborious task — and it can rarely yield the information that’s automatically generated by hubley. We make it easy to track your onboarding process from start to finish and gain data that aids improvement. Your company will benefit from the application of this data — but more importantly, your new hires will benefit, too. 

Onboarding Options That Work

The hubley Onboarding Hub has emerged as an innovative new employee onboarding system. With a streamlined suite of features and an easy-to-navigate interface, it’s an invaluable resource for companies of any size. Perhaps the most notable asset, though, is its ability to generate meaningful data about your company’s onboarding process. You can harness the power of this data to improve new hires’ prospects. If you’re ready to learn more and see a demo of hubley Onboarding Hub in action, reach out to us online. 

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