Measure Intranet Adoption & Engagement With AnalyticsHub

hubley is a powerful intranet solution out of the box. However, it has a secret weapon that can make it even better as you continue to use it in your business: powerful analytics. Using AnalyticsHub, you can drive engagement and reach your intranet goals.

Powerful Analytics

AnalyticsHub gives you in-depth insights into your content, users, and engagement. You can easily evaluate how your hubley intranet is achieving your goals and how you can improve. Better yet, we are making big updates to analytics to offer even more utility.

Simple User Interface

The reports in AnalyticsHub are simple, easy to understand, and attractive. They leverage SharePoint and O365 tools to present high-quality visuals.

Customizable Measurement

Get started with our analytics templates or create your own. AnalyticsHub is highly customizable, so you can measure the most relevant data points for your needs.

Rapid Access

Quickly change your data visualization so you always know what is going on. Our simple pipeline means that your data insights are always just a few clicks away.

Social Powered by Analytics

hubley is committed to evolving our analytics, particularly in the social area. In 2022, we rolled out updates that make it easy to see who is engaging, when, and how.

Effectiveness Evaluation

The key goal of AnalyticsHub is to help you evaluate the effectiveness of your intranet and its content. You can see what people are interacting with and what they are missing.

Engagement Enhancement

An intranet is at its most useful when people actively engage with it. See detailed information and who is getting involved and who may be missing out.

Get Started With hubley Analytics

Discover all the useful insights of hubley AnalyticsHub today. Although analytics may not be as flashy as some of our other features, it is arguably the most important


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