Intranet’s Vital Role in Mergers & Acquisitions

How Your Intranet Can Support Your Business During Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are tricky. As companies grow, they often combine into a larger organization and merge assets to run as a single unit. This process offers many benefits to the parent company in the form of personnel, resources, and intellectual property rights. 

Some companies may also receive help from being associated with another brand that has an established reputation in the market.

These advantages give private companies the incentive to either compete with one another or combine to compete with others.  Having solid infrastructure in place for merging intranets can support your business when going through either process. 

Acquisitions vs. Mergers

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) occur when one company either purchases another or is taken over to form a new legal entity that represents the joint services and assets of both businesses.

While the two types of transactions share some similarities, they are fundamentally different in how resources and ownership are distributed.

A company taking over another and establishing itself as the new legal owner is an acquisition. In this scenario, the purchasing company is still the same defined legal entity. In a merger, the two companies come together to form a different organization with a new name and stock offering.

How to Handle Mergers

Successful mergers involve assessing and retaining value. Employees, resources, and support services are all essential for a business to be successful, and these can become complicated by a merger. Integrating the workforce requires a proactive HR (Human Resource) department capable of offering advice and answering any questions that may come up.

Aligning the visions between multiple companies can be difficult, but with trusted support systems in place, companies can ensure they don’t lose their best talent during the transition.

How to Handle Acquisitions

Like mergers, acquisitions can leave employees unsure of their future in the organization. When a company is acquired, it may be for specific assets, leaving the rest in limbo. 

Acquisitions are a vulnerable time for an organization. Leaders need to have a clear picture of their end goals so they can offer needed support. Having the right infrastructure in place is essential for determining which assets will be valuable after a takeover and which will only become a burden.

Intranet for M&A

Intranets are a great tool for businesses going through M&A. A smooth transition is essential for delivering continuous service while a merger or acquisition is taking place. 

Modern intranets can support the ongoing challenges of integration by making navigation easier and cutting unnecessary waste. Well-designed intranet solutions can play a central role for businesses during mergers and acquisitions.

Intranet for Business Mergers

An intranet for business mergers can supply a valuable tool by giving decision-makers a centralized location for managing assets and evaluating existing practices. By merging intranets, business leaders have a shared digital space for tailoring experiences to new and existing users.

Mergers can make it difficult for employees to stay on top of their tasks. An intranet makes it easy to keep track of incoming and outgoing policies while making sure individuals have the support, that they need to navigate uncertainty.

Intranet for Business Acquisitions

Acquisitions present an even more tenuous environment for employees; having access to information can prevent them from creating and spreading rumors. An intranet for business acquisitions is great because it provides a way for managers to prevent divisions and keep teams on task.

With so many changes during an acquisition, employees can be overwhelmed by the clashes in organizational culture and be unwilling to work with others. With intranet solutions in place, organizations can encourage employees to interact freely through social features and other communication channels.

Leveraging Intranet Services to Support Mergers and Acquisitions

Companies have a lot at stake during mergers and acquisitions. By leveraging their intranet services, leaders can overcome challenges and prevent setbacks when coordinating their human resources and other assets through digital channels.

Intranets are a vital lifeline for managers, staff, and shareholders. Being involved in creating and deploying an intranet from the outset will mean a streamlined M&A process in the future. 

For many businesses, access to managed services can save time and energy when deploying their intranet solutions.

Support Your Acquisitions and Mergers with hubley

Are you going through the M&A process but need a better intranet? Whether you run a small business that’s just starting out or you’ve been acquired by a large firm, you’ll need all the support you can get when going through M&A. That’s why hubley offers a fast, affordable SharePoint and intranet built on top of the Microsoft 365 Stack. 

hubley’s intranet services were designed for maximizing productivity with advanced sharing and digital management capabilities. 

Our custom intranet platform gives you and your team access to features including LMS (Learning Management System), analytics, ticketing, and onboarding. With hubley’s digital workspace, you and your team will have everything you need to meet your end goals.

Get the most out of your investment with hubley’s out-of-the-box solutions. Check out our demo today to find out how our intranet can work for you!

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