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hubley Green Q2 Updates

For SharePoint users, hubley Green provides a scalable intranet solution designed to simplify custom intranet deployments.

The recent Q2 updates offer many new features that you can use to transform your working environment and empower employees to get more done at less cost to you.

What Is hubley Green?

hubley Green is intranet software made with growth in mind. Your intranet will never get stale again. Quarterly new features, maintenance, and performance updates ensure your hubley intranet grows with you.

Also included are Quarterly Engagement Sessions with our Customer Success Managers. These sessions are for reviewing your intranet, creating adoption goals, reviewing new features, reviewing analytics, and learning best practices.

hubley Green keeps intranets fresh by understanding current needs and creating solutions. A hubley Green intranet includes unlimited Support with access to Microsoft 365 experts as needed.

The New Features

hubley Green improves upon previous iterations to deliver advanced capabilities to users. The newest features reflect this by offering better tools and improved functionality.


Green users now have the option to embed videos on pages rather than linking through a third party like Vimeo. Also included in this update are more settings for managing videos and inserting them into projects.

The Q2 hubley Green updates added options to “Loop Video”, “Auto Play Video”, and “Mute Video on Load” making videos more customizable than ever before.


Locating information on your intranet is essential for SharePoint users. With SearchHub, hubley has created a better way to manage your intranet searches.

SearchHub provides customers with a centralized location for storing, sharing, and accessing vital information. News, documents, media, and events can all be found from SearchHub, making it easier to leverage the power of hubley’s custom intranet features for your business.

Alerts Management

hubley has given alerts a new experience in the Q2 updates. Content managers can now create custom alerts from their site pages. Use the add/edit  function to produce a pop-out form to fill out. With the addition of emojis and links, hubley has created a modern experience for notifying users in real-time.

Events Enhancements

Creating and distributing event invites can be cumbersome without the right platform. Having the right features in place is essential for staying on top of real-time events. hubley has added event enhancements that allow teams to collaborate more easily, like event tagging to color code events by category.

In addition, now you can select the “Teams Meeting” option on the New Event form to create a Teams Meeting invite for the event. This way, new meetings can be scheduled to coincide with notable events.


Since its start, LocationHub has offered users a clean directory structure for interacting with location information. hubley continues to improve its LocationHub features in this update by allowing content managers to create new locations from the LocationHub interface.

LocationHub’s enhancements make it easier for users to find the information they need across the intranet through updated tagging and filtering as well.


Accessing documents and other essential information is a necessary feature of an intranet. hubley Green’s Q2 updates include document webpart enhancements.

With hubley Green’s latest updates Content Managers access your document libraries right from the webpart. Rather than wasting time searching through the site’s content on the backend, Managers can simply select “View Library” to update their document library.

Icon Picker

In response to user requests, hubley has added the Icon Picker feature to hubley Green. With this feature, users can select an icon directly from the settings, allowing them to change a variety of icons.

The Icon Picker can be used for:

  • Quick Links
  • Mega Menu
  • Alerts
  • Global Notifications
  • Webpart Headers

Get Q2 Updates from hubley

hubley Green’s Q2 enhancements offer a variety of benefits that users should take advantage of for a better custom intranet. Existing customers can update to the new Q2 features through their Support Portal or contact hubley support for help.

hubley’s modern intranet brings your creative vision to life. Find out for yourself how hubley Green is creating a better intranet. Schedule a demo today!

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