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What’s New for Q1 2022? 

At hubley, we’re dedicated to helping you keep your intranet fresh and engaging. We understand how your needs can change. At hubley, we believe in providing a set of custom intranet features that help you pivot and ensure your success.

Our team released exciting new features in Q1 2022 for our Green clients to add to their intranets, as we do every quarter.


This custom option makes it easier for content managers to display important events on your intranet.

We solved a common pain point and made it easy for dispersed work-from-home employees to meet with automatic time zone adjustments—no more manual recalculations!

Also, users can now edit display type to determine which events show on which calendar, and how they appear through tagging. And who doesn’t love to color coordinate? Filter by event type and color code for easy referencing.

Our intuitive one-stop form within hubley simplifies event creation for one-off and recurring events. The event calendar displays on your intranet homepage, department pages, or wherever your content managers choose! Keep everyone informed of upcoming events to build engagement and excitement.


We created ideaHub to prompt collaboration across teams and locations. This active forum for users gives them the chance to provide feedback, so you can engage your employees and boost retention.

As you grow, retaining quality talent is important, and what better way to address your employees’ pain points than to collect their suggestions? We use this feature ourselves to improve our interface and find bottlenecks in our production process, but that’s only one of its many use cases.

Templated post forms ensure consistency across posts. Write a title, provide more details, and sort into categories, then share to the intranet!

Upvotes make it easy for your users to share their opinions without taking the time to write up a long post. They can add their voice to another suggestion, building up a collection of ideas for your entire user base.

A sorting system familiar to anyone who uses social media — top, trending, and new — gives users a familiar environment to encourage collaboration and sharing feedback.

Like in a social media environment, an anonymous commenting system ensures users can share their honest thoughts. Moderators shouldn’t fear abuse of this privilege! You can set moderator approvals to keep the conversation clean and on-topic.

Even better, admins can respond to suggestions and update users on their status. “Pending,” “complete,” and other conditions show your users that you hear their voices and are willing to take their feedback into account. These intranet features make it easy for everyone to get on board and guide your business through its growing pains!

Photo Feed 

Our photo feed promotes user engagement in a setting familiar to any employee who uses social media. It gives your users the option to upload photos and videos on any topic you choose!

Whether you request photos of home offices, pictures from company events, or galleries of holiday office decor, the photo feed lets employees share their company experiences in a social setting. Even if your employees are miles apart, these intranet features make them feel close.

Your moderators can review posts before they go live. This way you can easily avoid inappropriate material on the feed to make the user experience the best that it can be. Configurable commenting, photo tagging and Giphy gif search settings make it easy to customize the experience for your users’ needs.


This quarter, we enabled functionality that allows your employees to share their wins anonymously. Now privacy-minded users can share their thoughts and grow the gallery of success you build as you expand.

To freshen up the existing design, we built two display types you can switch between:

  • Card, the more traditional feed type display
  • Carousel, which rotates through posts and allows expansion

On top of all that, you can now use tags! Tags let users sort their posts by pre-selected topics and themes the celebration may fall within. Now users celebrating something specific can find it with ease.

We’re continuing to improve and grow this feature to help your intranet be a place of positivity and excitement for your users.

Promoting hubley News to SharePoint Locations

Ensure your users have the most visibility of the content you’re pushing out! You now can promote hubley News to different SharePoint locations.

hubley News can now be included in the SharePoint App, SharePoint Viva Connections, SharePoint start page, and within My News on the SharePoint app bar.

PTO Webpart Enhancements

Make hubley PTO Request your one-stop shop for all things PTO!

With PTO Request, you can now set categories for the type of PTO, bypass manager approval if your organization has unlimited PTO, collect PTO data for your employees, and more!

Grow Your Intranet with hubley 

We have many more features and enhancements in development and are devoted to building new custom options. If you don’t see something and you want it, we’ll build it. Check out the apps and features that we already do offer.

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