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Among many other responsibilities, human resources personnel are often tasked with managing intranet users across your entire organization. Performing tasks such as updating profiles, changing access permissions, and filtering out the accounts of former employees is time-consuming for your intranet team. Or at least it used to be.  

Fortunately, hubley has developed a better solution for intranet user management. Our ProfileHub facilitates profile management with SharePoint to give your team total control of intranet users’ profiles. With hubley, you can carry out vital management tasks faster and more accurately than ever before.  

Why Intranet User Management Is Vital to Your Business 

Let’s recap why timely intranet user management is essential for your business. Intranet user management:  

Enhances Transparency 

If your intranet team relies on IT to update profiles for them in Active Directory, missteps can occur for a variety of reasons. 

Many legacy systems make it difficult to remove outdated profiles from your StaffHub without deleting them. As you know, it is important to keep past employment records and digital profiles for auditing and other purposes. hubley’s people-focused webparts like StaffHub and Organization Charts overcome this issue with exclusion filters.  

At hubley, we help our clients audit their user data. During implementation, we help you decide which accounts to exclude. When auditing profiles, you can apply exclusion filters for terminated users, inactive accounts, or certain groups of employees.   

This approach prevents your intranet from displaying profiles of separated employees without having to delete them.   

hubley’s Integrations for Profile Management  

Intranet user management is an integral responsibility that must not be neglected. That is why hubley integrates with HRIS systems — to make profile management easy and efficient.  

Our SharePoint-based intranet allows your team to perform essential intranet management tasks such as:  

Profile Editing 

The core function of your User Profile Management solution is profile editing. When your staff members transfer to new departments, receive promotions, or transition to a different role within your organization, your team can use our integrations to update their profile data.   

You can also use our solution to update your Active Directory, which will ensure that your intranet hosts the most up-to-date information.  

Profile Filtering 

The hubley software uses SharePoint Managed Properties to create customizable exclusion filters. These filters will exclude any SharePoint User Profiles if their “managed property” data matches the criteria that your intranet team selects.  

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If you want to enhance your user profile management capabilities, hubley provides the premier solution. Our user management tools provide 360-degree insights into your intranet users. 

Schedule your demo today to learn more about our apps and out-of-the-box intranet.  

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