An Engineering Intranet Product Not Built From Scratch

No matter the industry, most companies need an intranet. After all, once an organization reaches a certain size, those water cooler meetings just aren’t feasible anymore. They need a virtual hub to inform and engage employees. That hub is an intranet. But they can’t just use ANY engineering intranet product.

The Easiest Thing You’ll Build This Year

Change is hard. Especially when it comes to an intranet product that affects your entire company. Using familiar tools can help you AND them. hubley is a customizable Microsoft 365 and SharePoint engineering intranet product. You can get a bespoke product, perfectly crafted to your needs without having to do a bunch of tedious customizing. (You have to do enough of that in your day job.)

Built For Performance… And Beauty! 

As an engineer, you might value function over form. Who cares what it looks like as long as it’s working properly? However, some of your coworkers might feel differently. They need something pretty to look at to keep them interested and checking in. After all, an intranet is no good if no one is looking at it! hubley can match your company’s branding and create a seamless experience for employees. It looks less like a database, and more like a social network. (And you know how much time everyone spends on Facebook…) Your team will bookmark it—maybe even as their start page—and make it part of their daily routine. It turns out, when it comes to intranets, looks DO matter.

Built To Last with hubley Green

No matter how well-built something is, the passage of time often makes it outdated. No one knows this better than engineers. Roads need repairs, houses need maintenance, and machines need rewiring. In the same way, technology fazes out even quicker. Once you set up your new engineering intranet product, you don’t want to worry about updating. hubley Green takes care of that for you. Green optimizes and updates your intranet every few months. We ensure your systems are operating to their best capacity. And just like it was easy to build, it’s easy to add in different features as your needs change. What’s more, our pricing is as flexible as our systems.

Find Your Hub at hubley

Seeing is believing. Schedule a demo with hubley or contact us with your questions. Browse our features and learn more by reading some FAQs. We’ve had experience in the engineering industry and can help you craft the perfect intranet for you and your team. Let’s work together, builder to builder.

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