5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Microsoft 365 Intranet

Your business likely runs on Microsoft. Your employees all know how to use it. (Some of the younger ones were practically born knowing how to copy/paste). A Microsoft 365 SharePoint intranet would seamlessly integrate into your employees’ desktops. But you probably want something a little more elevated and personalized. So, we’ve come up with 365 reasons you’ll love hubley for your intranet. Just kidding, we didn’t think you’d read that many. So, here are five reasons how hubley can maximize your Microsoft 365 experience.

1. “Intranet In A Box”

 It’s painless to integrate and can be up and running in two weeks. No downtime, no endless training (but if you want to pretend it’s taking longer so you can shop online undisturbed, we won’t tell.)

2. Customize Your SharePoint Intranet

You might be all, “A quick setup sounds great, sign me up!” But something in the back of your mind responds with, “But what if it doesn’t meet our needs?” Turns out—it’s not about thinking inside or outside the box. It’s about tailoring the box to fit your business. You can even customize your security settings so each team only has access to the exact data they need. Think of hubley as your software tailor—we’ll do all the hemming and alterations for you. Your business can get something customized without actually having to do the customizing. You’ll get all the glory, without having to put in all the effort (it’s the Millennial way).

3. The Look: Hubba, Hubba

Your average employee has 3-8 tabs open in their browser at any given time. If your intranet isn’t one of them, what’s the point? You need to create something beautiful, homepage-worthy, and bursting with bookmark-ability. If it were on Tinder, you’d swipe right for sure. (In the analog world, this means you’d ask it out on a date.) Create an attractive intranet to attract your employees to actually use it.

4. The Feel: Come Together

Stop thinking of an intranet as just a business tool. It’s a fire to fuel your company’s culture. It brings people together. It makes the work happen more seamlessly, and it helps life happen as well. Happier people make better employees. They stay longer, and they create an environment people want to join. You don’t need slides instead of stairs and ping pong tables in the break room to have happy employees. You need a way for them to gather, communicate, and share.

5. Built to Last

We know how quickly technology seems to outdate itself. There’s a new version or update almost as often as a Kardashian is on TV. hubley green ensures your systems are updated continuously and optimized every few months. As your needs change, you can easily add new apps and modules. Welcome to your evolving digital workplace! Your intranet will always look fresh, and yearly reboots will be a thing of the past.

Hubba, Hubba, hubley

Getting started with hubley starts with requesting a demo. No pressure, we’ll take you through hubley’s solutions and chat about your pain points and dream systems. If you have some specific questions, you can ask us!

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