How To Get Your Least Tech-Savvy Employees On Your Intranet Service

We’ve written a lot about the fear of change. Like, a lot. People love their routines and are usually reluctant to give them up. Learning new processes and technology can be intimidating. Too often, companies fear switching their intranet service (even when they REALLY REALLY need to). hubley helps you out by offering an easy-to-use, seamless-to-implement product. And we’ll train everyone to use it.

Intranet Service FAQs

One of the questions in our FAQs is “Most of our users aren’t technical. Can you help?”  In short, our answer is “YES!” In fact, most of our intranet service users would not consider themselves technical. (And after seeing their desktops, we definitely agree that they aren’t.) First of all, our userface is beautiful and easier to use than out-of-the-box products. That’s the beauty (literally) of working with hubley. To help with their transition, we provide training during the launch period. There’s also additional support when it’s needed.

Training Tailored For You

Adopting a new intranet service is a unique experience. Each industry, company, and individual user has different hurdles and requirements. Just like we tailor your intranet to your company’s needs, we’ll tailor your training as well. Here are just a few of the services you’ll have during your SharePoint adoption period:

  • Project sponsors: All rollouts begin with a user acceptance period and a trainer session. The first training sessions take place with key people at the company. Not only does this share valuable knowledge, but it gets the leadership excited about what’s to come.
  • Train The Trainer: Train the Trainer is a Webex specifically for the content adders and creators at our company. They’re the ones who will be answering questions internally and leading the charge, so to speak. These trainings are structured depending on your knowledge needs. If you need to start with general SharePoint lessons, we can do that. And we can get as detailed as necessary into your functionality.
  • Client Success Managers: When you sign on with hubley, you’ll get your very own client success manager. They will walk your entire company through this process to ensure everything’s A-OK.
  • Launch Videos: A series of launch videos explain essential features and gets users pumped. One rolls out a few weeks before the launch and another one premieres on launch day.
  • Hubley Help Center: And finally, the hubley Help Center exists within the platform in perpetuity. It has an easy functionality in the software so users can access it exactly when they need help. If you prefer interacting with a person—we’re always just a phone call away!

Common Concerns, hubley Can Help

Some people have had lousy SharePoint experiences in the past. That can add to the resistance of a new intranet. “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.” Honestly, that’s a big part of why we’re here. We want to hear your SharePoint issues and address them. And SharePoint itself has improved leaps and bounds in recent years. It’s worth giving it another look. Get in touch, and we’ll show you a demo. We won’t scare you, we promise.

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