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Create More Engaging Internal Communication with Great Employee Announcements 

You finally did it! After weeks of reading resumes, making phone calls, and conducting interviews, you’ve found the perfect person to fill that open position. Congratulations, the hard part is behind you. Now, you have to kick off the onboarding process and make sure everything is ready for day one (two weeks flies by, after all)! So you’ve got your new hire, now you’ve got to write some engaging material to let your team know the great news. 

We have all seen the welcome e-mails and memos that announce the arrival of a new team member (or maybe you haven’t—does anyone even read those things?).  Those introductions tend to center around basic facts like background, role, and hometown, but they are underwhelming and get caught in email chaos. That is why we’ve put together a few tips to help you ace new hire introductions for internal communication and foster some intranet adoption along the way. 

Shout it from the Mountaintops 

So you have a new hire, but where do you even start with your introductions? Face-to-face introductions are great and all, but getting everyone in the same room can be a daunting—or impossible—task. On top of that, more people are working remotely than ever. So it is important to have an effective way of letting everyone know that your new hire is here and keep everyone up to date. 

This is where your hubley intranet comes in. As an internal communication platform for HR, your intranet allows one to post messages to any corporate audience. It provides a great platform to engage your employees, reinforce culture, manage key information and, serve as a central place for onboarding documents as well as any information your new hire may need to get started. As hubley is a social intranet, it gives you the opportunity to show off your new hire. Let the organization know it’s growing!  

Make Your Announcement Stand Out  

What is going to engage your employees?  While it’s important that people know things like how to name and role, this kind of information doesn’t really grab your attention or give any idea of what kind of person the new hire is. Fun and quirky information that showcases your employee as an individual will engage your team. It also makes it way easier for your new hire to get acclimated to his or her new space and peers. 

Some Quirky Info Could Be:

  • Favorite Hobbies
  • Favorite Travel Destination
  • Fun Quote
  • Joke about themselves
  • Favorite Charity/Cause
  • Favorite Bar
  • Funny Nickname


It’s way more fun to read about cool stories, fun facts, and funny jokes, rather than some boring non-descript info that happens to pass across the screen. Creating fun and quirky new hire intros helps to engage your employees and drive intranet adoption across your organization. It also gives your team something other than the weather to talk about with the new person they will be spending every day with, which makes everyone a little more comfortable.

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How hubley Helps

Here at hubley, we pride ourselves on being a social platform as well as being a place where you can get all the data you need. hubley’s social intranet solution provides a platform for all your internal communication.  In hubley, you have the ability to share events, social media posts, documents, news, even praise for your teammates; and we have even more apps on the way every quarter with hubley GREEN. At Rogue, we know sharing is caring; and hubley is here to help you take care of your employees.

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