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Intranet for Finance

Having a consistent work issue is a real teeth grinder. But no matter where you fit into the finance game, little issues pop up from time to time. Often from an out-of-date piece of software, or perhaps a communication issue. Your team shouldn’t have to juggle through clunky, outdated equipment just to get word to one another. Get a financial intranet solution that solves all your problems when you switch over to hubley.

What Microsoft 365 Can Do For You

Not every position in finance calls for the same level of technical skills. Some people could be total pros—while the next can barely work a calculator. And there’s no shame in that! Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. But the lucky thing about Office 365 is that any skill level can use it with ease.

No matter where your employee works—computer, tablet, what have you—all programs associated with Office 365 work flawlessly. Programs such as Microsoft Office, OneNote, Yammer, SharePoint, and more! As it constantly stays up-to-date, Office 365 is a wonderful program that gives you a real package deal. hubley uses these advantages and works with them to give an exceptional experience.

How hubley Helps You Out

We pride ourselves on being a customizable financial intranet solution. And because hubley is built by experts in the finance industry, we deliver what you need in an interface people actually use. Some features that would enhance any finance workspace include:

  • FAQ: Avoid the embarrassment of asking a simple question. Having an FAQ will ensure less time is spent explaining and more time doing.
  • Forms and Surveys: Utilizing this feature will improve task management and gather feedback on processes.
  • Staff Directory: Don’t know who to talk to? Not a problem! Just check your directory. Everyone’s face, name, phone number, and position in one place.

These are just a handful of features that hubley offers. We have many more to choose from and as a fully customizable intranet solution, you can pick and choose which suit your company best! So contact us today and try out a free demo to see if hubley is the solution to your problems.

hubley Is The Financial Intranet Solution You Need

Stop fumbling in the dark, we can help you see the light with hubley. And don’t worry about waiting months for integration. Because we know time is money, we can have hubley up and running in less than two weeks.

Have a question or two for us? In that case, consult our FAQ page to see if we have an answer for you. Still, scratching your head? Not a problem, fill out the form on our contact page and one of our professionals will get back to you soon. Request a demo today and find the solution to your problems.

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