The Importance Of An Intranet For Large Companies

All companies, great and small, have specific needs. The importance of internal communications and connectivity grows with each department and hire. Larger companies have more people. More people make it difficult to communicate with transparency and efficiency. You need an intranet with personalized communications, engagement opportunities, and limitless productivity.

The Cost Of Wasted Time

The Harvard Business Review studies everything about the business community—including wasted time. According to this report, interpersonal issues, miscommunication, and poor decisions cost organizations $52 million PER YEAR. Puts a harsh reality on that old “time is money” cliché, doesn’t it? Intranets for large companies don’t just make things easier—they save money.

 An Intranet For Large Companies Needs To Do It All

An intranet for large companies has different needs. Take control of your system by selecting the exact features YOUR team needs in YOUR industry.

  • A robust media library means everyone who needs to can search and access the files they need. (A Harvard-approved timesaver!) Never again have to attach and email that same transparent logo file. Same goes for letterhead templates, whitepapers, employee handbooks, and everything employees continuously need.
  • In a big company, a staff directory is critical. You can never remember that guy in accounting (Gary? Jerry? Brett?). And with all those all new hires, a photo directory is an indispensable reference. Learn their names, titles, and start dates (millennials like to feel special, you know).
  • With so many people, it can be difficult for large companies to have a finger on the company’s pulse. Easily access employee opinions with forms and surveys incorporated into your intranet. It’s an engaging way to keep tabs on your company culture. Keep everyone updated with news, events, alerts, blogs, and social media feed integration. There’s even a weather widget, never forget your umbrella at your desk again!
  • In a larger company, each department can function as its own company within the company. They need their own set of tools and customizations. hubley’s so easy to customize. Administrators (who we’ll train!) can drag-and-drop the features they need. They practically snap in by themselves. A customized experience will increase usability and productivity.

hubley GREEN Keeps You Fresh

Intranets for large companies are like pets. They need care and attention. But with so many employees, you’ve got enough on your plate (it’s no wonder you never eat enough veggies). Updates and upgrades are the last things on your mind. Find an intranet that takes care of itself. hubley is fluent in flexibility with our GREEN program. Every quarter, you’ll have a chance to pick new features. We’ll implement them with little-to-no downtime while refreshing your existing ones. It grows with your organization and gives you editing opportunities. You’ll always be refining your company’s perfect intranet experience.

Have Your People Call Our People

They can reach us at 800.816.9219 or request a demo online. Contact us online to ask your questions (feel free to browse our FAQ first). We’re here to serve all companies, great and small, including yours.