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5 Tips For A Great Digital Workplace

The digital world is more connected right now than it was even just an hour ago! Humans are constantly finding new ways to bring people together to collaborate and bring new ideas to life. These new tools and concepts that humans have developed have changed the way we eat, learn, travel, and share moments. Among other things, this shift towards all things digital has greatly changed the way that we work. Isn’t it time that we took advantage of that change? That’s where digital workplaces come into play.

The Digital Workplace

Your business is growing but it feels like less people are showing up at the office for work every day. Sounds weird right?

Actually it’s the opposite of weird, it’s just a sign of exactly how much workplace culture is changing! According to Forbes, “(Remote Work) has become the standard operating mode for at least 50% of the U.S. population.”

Those numbers have steadily been rising over the past decade and there seems to be no end in sight. That’s why many organizations are making changes to recognize these needs. It’s also why so many teams are enjoying working Fridays from home across the entire company!

That’s why we decided to bring you some ideas about how you can improve the value of your digital workplace.

1) Make it Easy To Collaborate

The ability to edit, approve, and share different projects from several contributors has never been so comprehensive due to the rise of digital workplace. Teams members in the global workforce are creating better results than ever by leveraging innovative communications applications in tandem with tools for collaboration using Office 365.

2) Drive Communication

Communication across an organization is what drives productivity in a business, so the way we participate in it needs a lot of attention. Luckily, we live in a time where communicating is easier and more detailed than ever. Digital Workplace tools for internal communication like Microsoft Teams and Yammer have recently exploded onto the market and become staples of the modern office space.

3) Build Idea Sharing Into Your Culture

Never let your good ideas go to waste! Drive collaboration by creating an environment where it is easy to share ideas and voice new and innovative thoughts. Apps like Idea Boards can help you organize your great ideas and give credit to the great people who came up with them.

4) Listen to Your Users

Drive adoption and engagement by finding out what features your users love about their digital workplace and giving them the tools they need. Digital workplace tools can give you some great insights into what engages your employees and how they respond to your internal campaigns. hubley’s Analytics Tool is a great resource to find out which pages, sites, and documents that your intranet users actually interact with.

5) Make it a Personalized User Experience

A great digital workplace is one that not only helps employees get what they need, but also provides them with relevant and targeted content that will reinforce your organization’s brand internally. Create a user experience that provides relevant content and immerses users in your internal branding and the rest will be a walk in the park. (not sure how I feel about this paragraph)

That’s Where hubley Comes In

hubley is an enterprise Digital Workplace Intranet software that comes ready to use and branded to your organization. Our comprehensive platform built on Office365 is designed to drive engagement and centralize communication in the workplace. It can be accessed anywhere at any time using our mobile app and can help you to get what you need from the office anywhere.

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