[The Illusion of] Corporate Communication

Corporate communication is important. I mean, duh, there is often a team dedicated to it. If you google, there are several right answers about what its purpose is. For example:

  • Primarily, formal and official communications
  • Or upward, downward, or sideways communication channels between directors and team members
  • And, also, the set of actions required to manage stakeholder communications

That’s just to list a few.

What I know for sure about the subject is credited to George Bernard Shaw.

The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place. 

Whoa, right? This means communication is more complicated than the straight line of A to B.

Whether we are part of an official team dedicated to internal comms or we are communicators of department, project, or team-specific information, we all try our hardest to get our message out there. Nevertheless, it’s both the receipt and understanding of the message that makes it communication.

All of that said, here are our three tricks to making your corporate communications more effective.

Make it sticky!

There’s a fun word. [At least we didn’t say “moist.”] By sticky, we mean memorable. Additionally, you should message with brevity and simplicity. Last, but definitely not least, know your audience. After all, Charlie Brown’s teacher remains a pop culture reference for eyes-glazed-over blah because we have all been there. We are all living in a vortex of noise, so your message has to stick to stand out.

Make it mutual!

For my marketing friends, creating a call to action is what’s up. Whether it’s internal or external comms, a call to action asks the receiver of the message to do something immediately. Thus, it lets you know your intended audience received your message and that they “get it” enough to follow through. This is good feedback for the sender. And it creates an engagement opportunity. After all, every workplace needs more of that.

Make it transparent!

OK, we know that some things have to stay on a need-to-know basis. But the general stuff? Everyone should know all that at the same time. In our experience, trickle-down messaging leads to trouble. It creates opportunities for gossipy informants and irritated people feeling left out of the loop asking, “Wait, what?”

These tricks work.

We created our intranet platform, hubley, to solve lots of enterprise problems. Enhancing the corporate communication experience for leaders and team members is the biggie. It’s what inspired the functionality behind hubley’s beautiful interface for news, events, videos, photos, department-specific FAQs, the whole nine. We think our friend George Bernard Shaw would be proud. Click here for a demo!

Thanks for reading!


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