Corporate Newsletter in the Digital Age (Spoiler: No Paper!)

We’re on a mission to kill all the paper in the world…because it’s simply not the best way to do things anymore. Paper is terribly wasteful and inefficient, and we don’t need that kind of negativity in our lives. Usually, we’re without conscience as it relates to the death of paper. However, the Corporate Newsletter is on the top of the list of the paper things that we’ll actually miss, once our paper exile plan is complete. Because the basic idea behind a newsletter–sharing information and forming cultural cohesion–is something we can 100% get behind…we just want to do it without all the actual paper.

We thought it’d be cool if we let you into our world a little, so that you can see how we keep the Corporate Newsletter Spirit alive with hubley. [If you’re new here, hi, welcome; hubley is our intranet platform, and we’re very proud of it.]

Employee Spotlight and Leadership Message

Employee Spotlights are a cornerstone of all hubley environments. It’s kind of like the “Featured Employee” portion of the newsletter. The content is customizable with each spotlight so we can feature bios or questionnaires for each featured employee.

The Leadership Message gives leaders a chance to share a “blog style” post with the entire company. It’s a chance to set expectations with the workforce, share values and create buy in from all levels of the organization.


Scavenger Hunt Polls

We use our polls for a lot of things. Every once in a while, we like to make the poll ABOUT a specific team member or leader (with their permission, of course). In order to answer the polls, employees have to either Skype the featured person and ask them for the answer or dig for it. Sometimes, the information is available in the person’s bio and it’s just a matter of reading it to get the answer. Sometimes we make it a little more difficult, just to encourage real communication. It’s a fun way to help employees find connection with one another, build multi-departmental bridges and encourage employees to reach out to one another. All of which is super important for any organization (but even more so for virtual organizations).

Employee Features Done the Rogue Way

We developed the “Soundtrack of the Work Week,” aka SOWW, as a way to share culture between departments. We are constantly listening to music in office, to the extent that it has become a cultural touchstone. With our SOWW, we’re able to use music as a way to introduce team members, celebrate milestones or events, and provide a fun touchstone for planning for the week. Some of the things we’ve done with this idea:

  • Have new employees share their favorite work-appropriate song to feature during their first week
  • Celebrate work anniversaries and other milestones
  • Remind employees of events or outages
  • Tell a work story, like when Cody Gros said, “If you’re stuck on a problem, put on some Clint Black, and the solution will come to you.” That now stands as indisputable truth in our office, btw

Wanna know how we make all this even better with content targeting?

Contact us and Schedule a Demo!!!


Bonus: Example of an Actual Rogue Workweek Soundtrack:

We’re happy to bring you this week’s Soundtrack selections. As always, feel free to check out our Spotify Soundtrack Playlist​ and let’s jam through this week, together! (Impromptu singing encouraged!)

​1. ​​​​​”Stand” by ​R.E.M​

For Mon​day; to celebrate hubley Project Group Stand-Up Meeting day: ​


2.​​”State of Mind” by Clint Black​​

If you get stuck on a problem (according to Cody Gros Clint Black problem-solving Lore):

3.​​”Whatever It Takes” By Imagine Dragons

To help push over Wednesday’s hump:


​4.​”Taking Care of Business” ​

For the hubley forward release on Thursday:


​5.​”Feel Good, Inc” by Gorillaz​

Feel Good Friday tune


​​​​6. ​​”A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton​

In dedication to John Walker and Michelle Bolda who will be traveling to attend ​ALI’s “Digital Workplace & Intranet Summit” early next week:

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