Official Guide to Intranet Service

Your Official Guide to Intranet Service

Change is hard. hubley can help! In a nutshell, hubley offers a product to ease your business into change without the pain. With our Intranet service, you’ll get a customized product. But you won’t have to do a bunch of tedious customization. It’s as out-of-box as possible and can be up and running in as little as two weeks. Need to know more? Whether a new Intranet is your business’s New Year’s Resolution or you’re just curious—here’s hubley’s Official Guide to Intranet Service.

Something For Every Department And Every Employee

A hubley Intranet is not just something to please a CEO. Sure, bosses everywhere do love it. They might brag about it on the golf course or take all the credit in front of the board of directors. But your average Joe employee can also appreciate a hubley Intranet for precisely what it is. It tells him what’s going on, helps him get in touch with coworkers, and provides needed resources. And like there’s something for every Joe, there’s something for every department as well. Each department can find something to love about hubley, here are just four examples:

  • A Human Resources Intranet: When you work in HR, your job is people. You need to keep them informed of relevant information. What happens at work affects their everyday lives. Ideally, you want to take it a step further and actually engage them. Engagement is a big factor in employee culture. Engaged employees are happy employees. Happy employees tend to stay at their companies for longer amounts of time. In the long run, that means you won’t have to fill out as much new-hire paperwork!
  • Marketing Departments Love hubley: Do you work in marketing? Imagine a world where you never have to email the right logo file to Susan in accounting ever again. Think brand guidelines, logo files, letterhead, and photo assets. With hubley, EVERYTHING can be in one place and easily accessed by those who need it. Think of the podcasts you’ll have time to listen to now that you don’t have to spend half the day attaching.
  • Intranet That Fits I.T. To A “T”: For an IT department, a good Intranet means you can focus on your real work. Now, we can’t promise Susan still won’t call about her broken computer that’s just unplugged. But hubley’s out-of-the-box setup should help keep your inbox a little bit clearer. Your coworkers will enjoy its uncomplicated user-friendliness. You’ll love the worry-free updates.
  • An Intranet For Leadership: Whether you’re the CEO or oversee a little team of three, hubley can help. Use it to streamline your communication—or remind you of the name of that new guy in sales. hubley’s Dynamic Org Chart can show you your entire team at a glance. See who they are, what they do, and how to get in touch with them. Give it a week, and you’ll see how it easy it is to use and how many people WANT to use it. It’s a company investment of which you’ll be proud.

Let Us Feature Our Features

After you get a new car, the first thing you might do is brag about all its features. Keyless entry, rear-view camera, Bluetooth, WiFi—whatever seems the coolest and most envy-inducing. We want you to brag about your intranet in the same way. It’s got features too, after all. Each is designed to be familiar yet novel and comprehensive yet simple. Here are a dozen of our favorites:

  • Events: Whether company-wide or department-centric, events can be homepage front-and-center. Easy integration into Outlook calendars means fewer excuses for missed meetings.
  • News: A catch-all for all the current information employees need to know.
  • Alerts: Front-and-center announcements to share critical information.
  • Feature Rotator: Dynamic announcements to share news and highlight successes.
  • Quick Links: Customized shortcuts to make navigation even more manageable for everyone.
  • Search: A search experience that solves problems instead of creating new ones.
  • Blog: A forum for everyone. You can even incorporate Yammer.
  • FAQs: Save everyone time by providing instant answers.
  • Media Library: Searchable videos and images easily accessed. (We’re looking at you, Marketing.)
  • Forms and Surveys: Get feedback, increase engagement, and improve task management. A suggestion box in the breakroom is not required.
  • Social Feeds: Integrate your LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and get everyone on the same (web)page.

The Feature To Help All Features: hubley Green

As easy as hubley makes the onboarding process, committing to a new Intranet is still a big step. Once it’s up and running, it often feels like you immediately have to think about updates. Think about how often you find yourself outdated in today’s world. As soon as you cash on your phone upgrade, they release the next newest version. You can barely recognize half the artists at the Grammys anymore. You only just tried avocado toast last week. It can feel impossible to keep up. But not with hubley. Once it’s up, it stays fresh (unlike you after spin class). This feature is known as hubley Green. It automatically keeps your Intranet updated and in sync on a regular basis. You’ll effortlessly stay on top of your Intranet game.

The “It” Factor

We hear news all the time about the addictive qualities of social media. What if you could harness those powers in a positive way for your company and your employees? Your Intranet product should be the hub around which all employees gather. It should be the first thing they check in the morning and the last thing they look at before calling it a day. hubley can help you create that. For one, it’s attractive. It’s something you don’t mind assigning a permanent browser tab. Secondly, it’s easy to use on the front end as well as the back end. Think click-and-drag ease. No-brainer navigation. An Intranet that simply makes sense.

Say “Yes” To Intranet

Want more? Find us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Got some questions? We’ve heard ‘em all. Ready to see it for yourself? Request a demo. Whatever your industry, whatever your tole, and whatever your needs, hubley can help. Let’s talk.

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