How hubley Intranet Encourages Employee Engagement

Are you there, user? It’s me, your intranet.

What good is a brand-new hammer if it stays in your toolbox? Your intranet’s resources and tools are only serving your needs when employees engage with them, so what can you do to improve participation and engagement? This question is gaining prominence as more communication is funneled through digital channels. If the tools aren’t being used, they aren’t providing your company with a competitive edge; it’s just that simple. Luckily, there are a lot of ways your hubley SharePoint intranet apps can help you achieve the employee engagement you need to make sure your whole team is on the right page.

Engagement Feedback and Insights

Insights and analytics are the major features of the day for many online resources, not just the ones you use for your business. Online learning tools, marketing platforms, and many other forms of digital communication and collaboration are finding that identifying trends and user feedback produce strong results for key goals in many organizations. The way you configure your hubley intranet apps and other online resources can allow you to achieve different adoption objectives and track your progress using this analytic information. AnalyticsHub is a hubley tool that can help you track user’s participation in the system, and the right machine learning-driven feedback loops can refine those insights as employee behavior changes. Even starting with a basic understanding of your user’s SharePoint activity can lead to a more productive use of your digital communication spaces.

Using Teams to Increase Engagement

Apart from providing insights to users and supervisors alike, you can also integrate your intranet communication with Microsoft Teams. Understanding the user activity is step one, and the next is introducing applications that further connects users’ common digital spaces. Connect your users’ private and public collaboration spaces to drive user adoption. hubley utilizes a TeamsHub application to integrate familiar information from Microsoft Teams into your intranet. This connectivity can boost your engagement, by keeping everything a given team member needs at their fingertips. Fluid access is key to accomplish seamless user transition and increase digital adoption. With a centralized space that connects to familiar applications, you not only placed the hammer in the user’s hands, you lined up the nail just right.

Help with Troubleshooting – Knowledge Base

As the hubley apps converge in your SharePoint intranet, you gain the ability to build the epicenter of knowledge your departments have always needed, with tools they can really use right at their fingertips.

  • Navigation resources for key apps on your intranet
  • Help with basic orientation and personalized hub layout for new hires
  • Easy to administrate FAQs to provide advice when encountering common issues
  • Role and team-specific learning and development resources for training
  • Fast access to support as needed

When employees feel better supported as they work with the system, it’s a lot easier for them to engage directly with every part of your intranet, leading to more productive office and work from home life. A well-planned intranet can even help make the transition between modes of work seamless for other members of the team, providing you with more flexibility when you need people working but you don’t necessarily need them in the office.

Social Options for Better Staff Cohesion

To round out your approach to maximizing engagement, you also need to consider your corporate culture. Effectively managing your team online means finding a way to continue building and reinforcing that culture, and that’s where social apps and features work to your advantage. When employees can connect and chat, share interests, and personalize their online experience in your system, it gives them a chance to come together as a team and see what they are all working toward. Finding the right blend of social options for your hubley SharePoint intranet apps can be the key to getting more people to open up online, even when they aren’t chatting live, and getting them to open up and engage is a big part of getting the most out of your intranet experience.


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