Boxed Intranet

Boxed Intranet: More Than Just a Pretty Package

If I say “boxed intranet,” you may say, “Boooorrring!” But hear us out. hubley, which is our boxed intranet, gives content creators a wide range of motion. But, wait…how do you become this creative, outofthebox genius? Well, we’re glad you asked! 

Every Genius Needs to Study 

As you dive into what information you need to present to your users, explore the multitude of features hubley has to offer. SharePoint alone offers over 40 webpartsand hubley offers even moreWith hubley, you can combine SharePoint’s native webparts and ours to create intranet building blocks, each one with a unique purpose and ability. While this can seem overwhelming, the more you know, the more creative you can be, and the more users will adopt the intranet you designedPicasso, baby. 

By learning how these components work, you will start to notice the tips and tricks that SharePoint experts use. You can change layouts, add imagery, connect outside source material, use a rich text editor and much more all with your boxed intranet solutionWe won’t even tell that there’s a ton of training material and how-to information. You’ll look like an expert all on your own. 

Utilize your Help Resources 

Microsoft SharePoint and hubley have an expanded support system that gives their users insights on troubleshooting and best practices. Use these resources to inspire new ideas on how to present information. 

For example, with hubleyyou can apply your organization’s branding to your intranet. This gives you consistency, but also breaks away from other standard configurations that can get a little bland—such as SharePoint’s set themes. Utilize social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Yammer to further engage your users and give a full, fun burst of engagement to your sites. 

Boxed Intranet

Use the creative brains in your organization! Integrate some team members who may have skills you don’t. Skills like: graphic design, user interface work, or those who like thinking out of the box (see what we did there?). Not only do you have a plethora of support from hubley, but you have people power – your team can help generate more ideas on using the Intranet components in a more dynamic and interactive way.  

Don’t be afraid to capture your users with a fun image, or hey, even that cool GIF Janice sent you last week (hilarious). By adding these creative and personal touches, your users will ease into your intranet more steadily and connect with the content. It shows this is more than just another interface; it reflects your organization’s personality.  

Just in case you get a little nervous… 

hubley integrates approval procedures. This way you can see and approve any new changes before they are published. Your boxed intranet solution can be functional and fabulous—especially if it’s hubley! Whether you need it to get a job done, or launch a more integrated communication tool, be bold and try something new. You can’t break it, and with hubley’s intuitive content management system, it’s easy to drag and drop and change and update if you need to make tweaks.

As always, let hubley help! — We’ve got some cool tricks to show you, right out of the box 

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