Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Improve Collaboration

For modern businesses, collaboration isn’t just a priority—it’s the differentiator for success, and Microsoft Teams is one of the most recent additions to the brand's collaborative lineup.

It should come as no surprise to you that Microsoft offers a suite of productivity and teamwork tools, but at hubley™ we see the collaboration potential between Teams and SharePoint as the tastiest offering on the table. SharePoint can be integrated well with Microsoft Teams helping to enhance the functionality of both.

So What, Exactly, is Microsoft Teams?

We know it can get confusing between SharePoint Team Sites, SharePoint Modern Team Site Template, and Microsoft Teams. Let’s break it down right here.  Teams is the unified communication and collaboration platform that Microsoft introduced in 2017. Here’s what it enables: 

1. Real-Time Chat

Chat is one of the most central features of Microsoft Teams. Users can have one-on-one discussions or send messages within group chats. Many Teams find that chat fills an important gap in digital communication between live voice calls and emails.

2. Video Conferences

Microsoft Teams also helps users with easy and efficient synchronous communication. There are options for voice and video calls and conferences. By eliminating many traditional complexities of conference calls, Microsoft Teams makes working together from anywhere easier.

3. Collaborate on Documents

Microsoft Teams works smoothly with Office 365 suite including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Co-authoring documents is integral to how people work together today. Whether it is fine-tuning a press release or analyzing product performance data, Microsoft Teams makes collaboration easier.

4. Easily Integrate

It can also integrate with other Microsoft products easily. Plus, there are integration points with third-party services. So, Microsoft Teams becomes a hub of productivity for users.

5. Search and Organize

Disorganization is one of the main impediments to success that groups face. Anyone who has searched for an old email conversation is familiar with the clutter associated with this issue. However, Microsoft Teams makes keeping conversations, documents, and contacts more organized, and keyword searchable. The powerful integrated search capabilities make finding what you are looking for a searcher’s dream.

Perhaps the most potent part of Microsoft Teams is that it brings together all the above and more in a single interface. There is no need to search around for the right app to make collaboration work. It is all integrated for maximum user efficiency.

Need a Reminder About What SharePoint Can Do?

SharePoint is a comprehensive, collaborative platform used for document management, file hosting, and intranetting (we made that last one up). Business teams use it to create sites and document repositories organized around groups, projects, and more.

Compared to many other business software solutions, SharePoint is unusually adaptable. Although it is primarily marketed as a document management tool, the software can be much more! SharePoint has many organizational applications. Learn more about how we’ve harnessed the power of SharePoint by clicking here.

How Can I Leverage Teams and SharePoint Together?

We’re glad you finally asked! Users can make their SharePoint sites and documents available through Teams and vice versa. They can leave comments and have discussions about documents. Users can also integrate their SharePoint sites directly into Teams chats. We like to think of Teams as a daily collaborative workspace and SharePoint as the source of truth for all corporate information. Utilize Teams to work together on documents, graphics, spreadsheets, and large projects, and use SharePoint to share them with the enterprise.

How Can hubley help?

One of the key challenges of SharePoint and Microsoft Teams is the sheer number of features. Especially when used together, these two tools provide so much functionality that many business users don't know where to begin. They may dive into a few of the most basic features but getting a completely satisfying setup can feel almost impossible.

With hubley, you get pre-built SharePoint apps that combine to give your enterprise an out-of-the-box intranet that works beautifully with Microsoft Teams through our TeamsHub. Our hubley consultants have the domain expertise on Teams and SharePoint to help you truly get the most from Microsoft's latest features. When we implement these tools, we don't waste time and money reinventing the wheel. Instead, when Microsoft offers valuable functionality, we employ it. Our simple goal is to help you get more from your software investment.

When brought together, our combination of turnkey apps and platform expertise means that you can finally get the SharePoint and Teams experience you’ve envisioned in today’s complicated technology landscape. We will help you realize all the benefits that these powerful tools have to offer. Give us a shout online. Help hubley help you.


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