How to Get the Most from your SharePoint Investment

SharePoint intranet has been a staple of many businesses’ operations for years, and it is easy to see why. SharePoint offers unique opportunities to collaborate, share ideas, manage information, and stay organized. Of course, SharePoint can become a daunting project, to begin with. Many teams need to invest significant time into developing sites before they can truly get value from their intranets. Fortunately, there is a solution for getting the most from a SharePoint investment: hubley.

The Value of SharePoint 

Since its initial release in 2001, SharePoint has been used extensively as a collaborative platform. Some organizations use it purely for document management, whereas others focus on deploying useful intranet apps. If you want to maximize the potential of SharePoint, you need a full suite of functionality. It can be helpful with everything from pushing news to employees, helping people navigate your organization, sharing knowledge, and, of course, collaborating on documents. In short, SharePoint has a lot of potential value.

Sharepoint Investment Challenges: Starting with Nothing

One of the challenges many teams face with SharePoint is the blank slate they are presented with. Figuring out how to get the most from your SharePoint investment can be costly and time-consuming without a clear plan and a dedicated team to lead the charge. Fortunately, hubley can help by providing full guidance through the setup of your SharePoint intranet along with best practice solutions for your team.

The Keys to Great Intranet 

The right intranet solution for your organization may look different from the right solution for another team. However, there are a few things that pretty much every company needs.

  • Ease of Use: Perhaps the most important characteristic of a successful intranet is that it needs to be easy to use. The goal of hubley’s SharePoint intranet is to facilitate team collaboration and productivity. A smooth, intuitive design can enhance your hubley SharePoint intranet’s productivity benefits.
  • Search: Even relatively modest intranets can benefit greatly from a robust search system. This makes finding information significantly easier. People don’t need to know where to look to find answers. Instead, they can search.
  • Answers for Common Questions: Intranets are all about sharing information. This includes answering commonly asked questions. With a great intranet solution, different teams can produce FAQs for queries they address often.
  • News: Again, the purpose of an intranet is to help share ideas, knowledge, and information. Part of this is company news. Replace those overlooked email updates and other announcements with an intranet feed that can cut down on inbox overload and make finding the latest news easier.
  • Collaborative Tools: At its heart, your hubley SharePoint intranet is focused on document management. Every organization can benefit from tools that make sharing and collaborating on documents easier.

hubley – Making SharePoint Even Better 

hubley is a fast and affordable SharePoint intranet solution that achieves all of the above. It is a valuable extension to SharePoint that will ensure you get the most from your investment. Think of it this way, when you buy a car, you don’t want just the base model. Of course, you can get the base and then slowly add your own modifications in a slow process. BUT spending a little more can help you completely enjoy and benefit from your purchase, and fast. hubley is like getting the top-of-the-line options package at a great price (and no car salesmen to deal with). With hubley, you can access a diverse selection of popular intranet apps that are easy to set up and use. Simply snap a feature into your intranet site and you are good to go. Even people with minimal technical knowledge can do it. Plus, we also provide custom SharePoint apps. While our catalog includes a multitude of built-in options, some teams need something special and just for them. Fortunately, with hubley, getting a unique app is easy. You can even set hubley to rotate certain features to keep your intranet fresh and engaging. Want to highlight events one week and news another? No problem. Our all-inclusive solution lets you pick and choose whatever you want.

Powerful hubley Features 

With your hubley SharePoint intranet, you can deploy sites for your company, divisions, and teams using different mixes of our snap-in features. These are some of the valuable features you may want to use:

  • TeamsHub: This Microsoft Teams integration point makes it easier to converse and collaborate. You can quickly access and track all your teams through the intranet. Plus, you can make new teams quickly whenever you need them.
  • StaffHub: As your team grows, it is helpful to have a staff directory. This puts faces and names together. If integrated with Active Directory, SharePoint profiles, or other third-party systems, you can auto-populate your StaffHub.
  • KnowledgeHub: Company intranets are all about sharing knowledge and ideas. These features make it easier to answer questions and store your team’s knowledge for future use.
  • IdeaHub: Need to work together on new ideas for your business? This is the perfect place to post, discuss and improve your collective brainpower.

There are so many other features, including analytics, social tools, personal dashboards, and more. In other words, hubley has everything you need to make the most of SharePoint.

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