2023 Intranet Trends

Intranets have become integral to the everyday operations of businesses across every industry. Staying on top of intranet trends is an important yet difficult task for organizations. Those who want to build upon their intranets in 2023 and stay ahead of the curve should consider the forecasted new trends.

What Are the Biggest 2023 Intranet Trends?

Quite a few projected 2023 intranet trends will make it easier for businesses to stay connected in their digital workplace. Today’s intranet is a social environment and can be accessed from any device. It focuses on engagement, collaboration, and communication.

Improved employee onboarding, training, and accessibility tools are a few enhancements. By partnering with an intranet provider like hubley, you can take advantage of everything these new features have to offer.

Mobile Accessibility 

A primary focus of the upcoming year will be the optimization of intranet features for mobile devices. In the past year, users gained access to their hubley intranets on mobile through the Microsoft Teams App. In this upcoming year, organizations will be able to communicate with employees through the hubley employee app.

hubley partners have already begun to customize their employee app environments to suit their needs. Configure employee app navigation so that frequent users will have one or two-tap access to their most used tools. Stay relevant with a dedicated employee app.

Integrations and the Digital Workplace  

The digital workplace is here to stay, and there is no better time to adapt to today’s environment than in 2023. An intranet in 2023 allows for more integrations than ever. Your users need the latest tools for collaboration and communication. While no one system can handle all your project needs, an intranet connects users to the tools that support their work.

Companies have seen an increase in the number of third-party tools and apps that can integrate with their cloud-based intranet. Not only that, but apps packaged with intranets are increasing as well. By acting as a central point for accessing these tools and apps, the benefits of a modern intranet to the digital workplace are significant. With a simple setup, a hubley intranet can unlock the complexities of a digital workplace for your organization.

SharePoint + Viva

Viva is an example of native integration. SharePoint intranets are already the leading option for intranets. Adding Microsoft Viva’s growing capabilities to your SharePoint intranet puts this option into its own class. The two working together results in a high-powered employee experience.

A modern digital workplace like hubley gives you all the benefits of Microsoft 365 in addition to hubley’s innovative features. Traditional intranets won’t be able to keep up with this modern experience. For your intranet to not only survive but thrive you need to leverage your investment in Microsoft 365. Our experts at hubley will help you do exactly that.

Improved Communication Channels

Omnichannel communications are another prominent trend transforming the use of intranets going into the new year. The ability to create and send personalized messages, regardless of location, will become a ubiquitous part of intranets in 2023.

Whether on a PC, laptop, or mobile device, intranets make it easier to reach users wherever they are. The social nature of intranets has increased, and when your users feel heard, they know that their opinion matters. Two-way communications create a more effective intranet environment for all users.

A Base for Knowledge and Knowledge Sharing

One of the biggest advantages of intranets is that they allow employees to make more informed decisions. An intranet can act as a knowledge base for your organization. Store company information like events, staff directories, policies and procedures, documentation, project files, and more. With all this information in one place, users finding what they need quickly is more important than ever. This is why search is another intranet trend for 2023.

Additionally, your intranet is the best place for crowdsourcing ideas. Everyone has something to offer, and by opening up specific ideas to everyone they will feel heard. All your users will certainly have expertise in a certain area. When creating user profiles, make sure to include this information. Users will be able to search when for an expert in a field based on their skills.

Robust Search Features

AI technology is cascading down to become part of the common workplace experience. Microsoft uses AI to organize and manage content, optimize search and compliance, to automate and improve your most critical processes. Find anything on your intranet with hubley’s search experience. Easily find users, skills, ideas, FAQs, News, Events, and more using hubley’s search feature. Promote certain links and exclude others from your results as needed.

User-Focused Personalization Options

In 2023, the importance of the internal user experience continues to grow. Creating unique user experiences is integral to the adoption of new technologies. Your intranet is no different. Targeting content to specific user types (think roles and departments) is a growing intranet trend in 2023. With customized content, lists, and designs, hubley provides users with a more unique experience than ever before.

The bottom line is if users are finding content that is relevant to them on their intranet, they will engage with it more often. By creating meaningful interactions for all your users, admins are creating an environment where everyone feels important and included.

Making Your Intranet Fun

Turning your intranet into a social place where people can share about themselves should be a primary goal of your intranet. There are many ways to use your intranet’s social features. Giving your staff a place to discuss interests and hobbies encourages willing participation. This engagement increases, even more, when your users share photos and videos. When users have a space to share, especially about their personal lives and hobbies, productivity and employee engagement trend upward in other areas as well.

Measuring Success

Data-driven decisions power the best intranets. Whatever features you decide to include make a huge difference in user experience, so usage metrics should be tracked. By analyzing engagement metrics and user feedback your intranet will only grow to become a more useful tool.

hubley offers quarterly engagement sessions to help you update your environments to best suit your needs. Also, AnalyticsHub from hubley will provide you with these in-depth insights in simple and easy-to-read reports.

hubley Has the Latest in Intranet Solutions

If you need the latest intranet solutions for your business for 2023, hubley is here to help. hubley’s services are available to businesses that want access to the best of what an intranet can offer in 2023.

hubley keeps you up-to-date with the newest intranet trends so you can focus on your core business! Customize your employee experience with:

  • An improved, simple, and intuitive user experience
  • Photo and video feeds
  • Mobile Accessibility
  • Modern design

hubley’s intranet was designed to improve your company’s image and generate a positive workplace culture. We’re making intranets more efficient and effective, one client at a time.

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At hubley, we’re transforming how your organization gets its news, events, and alerts. hubley is a unified platform that includes everything you need in a single location. We’ve designed our system to maximize productivity, allowing your teams to thrive in the digital workplace.

hubley offers the latest in intranet solutions. If you want to keep up with the latest changes for 2023, consider partnering with hubley. hubley grows with you, offering an affordable solution no matter how much you scale your business this year.

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