How a Robust Intranet Can Help Your Frontline Workers

Frontline workers are fundamental to many businesses’ success. They provide direct contact with customers and members of the public, organize appointments, and manage day-to-day tasks. The information they gather about customer experiences is vital. Reactions to policies can be essential to anticipating demand changes or correcting inefficient processes. That’s why your intranet solution will only be complete when it connects frontline workers with those who can affect change. Empower end-users by connecting them with decision-makers!
Frontline workers have always gathered essential insights into company processes and customer experience. Far too often these insights fail to make their way up the chain of command. With more professional and executive personnel working from home to help contain the spread of COVID-19, frontline workers do not have the same face to face reporting methods that have been useful in the past. What is the most often recommended solution for increasing internal communication? A robust company intranet allows your entire team to interact and work as a cohesive unit.

What Is an Intranet?

If you’re not familiar with the concept, an intranet is an internal network of resources that an organization assembles for its staff. Intranet design is quite flexible and has practical uses for any organizational ends. This includes IT and maintenance work ticket submission, project collaboration, and work product delivery. It all depends on how you configure it and what extra resources you plug-in. Most of today’s online enterprise software can integrate with typical intranet backbone applications. Those that can’t integrate can still link to the intranet’s resources to make them easy to find.


The most popular intranet backend application today is Microsoft SharePoint. SharePoint is customizable to integrate a range of independently developed applications. Microsoft SharePoint on its own is only the foundation for a business intranet. A more robust intranet comprises specific applications and customized content built to support your specific business needs.

Your Customizable Intranet Solution

It takes expertise to build a robust intranet; that’s where our team comes in. hubley™ is an intranet solution built on SharePoint. It can be easily configured to the specific needs of any organization without having to reinvent the wheel. Its core applications are versatile enough to meet various requirements depending on how they are set up. Yet, they are also specific enough to cover all communication logistics standards across businesses.
  • User credentials and access levels
  • Team collaboration and file sharing
  • Live collaboration spaces for web conferencing and screen sharing
  • Internal email and messaging
  • Work ticketing and maintenance logistics
  • Archival and document backup
  • Analytics and insights
  • Support for the integration of SharePoint compatible external cloud applications

Features like the ability to group workers by role and team make it easy to set up resources for frontline personnel. These resources are easy to navigate and send the feedback needed to your operations team’s decision-makers. Today’s work environment necessitates the ability to create collaborative workspaces and host meetings. An intranet solution supplies you with a way to bring those minds together to consider the new intelligence. The ability to limit access to resources by role means no one needs to sort through the clutter created by menu options for apps and resources they don’t need. Customizable interaction for everyone is possible with our intranet solution, and we know it is what your employees need.

Give Every Employee a Voice

Regardless of what industry you’re in; your frontline workers are gathering essential intelligence. It could be factory workers recognizing failure points that create waste, reception personnel sorting out customer frustrations, or your retail sales team noticing changes in demand that could dictate your future. You need to understand their experiences to make effective decisions about your business. To do that, you need to give them a voice, and that’s what hubley™ excels at doing for any business. 
We can build the software to suit each role or department, so you can streamline contact by sending the right suggestions to the right people. Common applications that support fast one-way reporting are already part of the core ecosystem. Two-way feedback through internal email is easy to implement.
An effective intranet solution gives a business in any industry a competitive edge. A state of the art technology that brings your workforce together and improves communication leaves your company better equipped to compete. The earlier you adopt, the greater advantage you will have over competitors who do not. Frontline employees make organic observations about the impact of processes on real-world operations. By understanding these insights you continue to pull ahead of the competition. That’s the kind of feedback loop you rely on for insights into your marketing strategy. It’s the same kind of feedback loop you should rely on to get ahead of the game in every area of your business. Improve your business processes from top to bottom with clear lines of communication. With more resources at your disposal, making the most informed tactical decision will happen consistently. With hubley™, it’s that simple.
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