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Artificial Intelligence Could Supercharge Your Intranet

Not so long ago, artificial intelligence (AI) was primarily associated with science fiction. Today, it is a vital force in technology, fueling change and innovation. Increasingly, intranets are being supercharged by AI. An AI and data-driven intranet will empower your business’s productivity, efficiency, and success.

Create Personalized Experiences and Value

Your intranet is your team members’ go-to source for information and resources. An up-to-date intranet helps your team members collaborate, organize, and produce high-quality work. Yet, everyone’s intranet needs are different. AI offers customizable solutions. 

AI allows your intranet to optimize for user experience by matching users’ needs and use patterns. This creates a social intranet that serves up individualized, informative, and collaborative content.  

So, your informative, collaborative and social intranet features can serve up individualized content. Intranet admins can enable this to different degrees of use. Depending on the requirements of your organization you can personalize content recommendations to ensure that everyone has access to the right information. Or, you can personalize the entire user experience, giving every team member a unique intranet experience.

Provide Faster Support and Assistance

One of the most noteworthy areas of innovation within AI  has been chatbots. These tools allow users to get support from virtual support representatives. Some of the best chatbots can carry out natural and productive conversations. Others rely a little more on preset queries and answers. Either way, they provide users with the quickest help and access.

Unlike human representatives, chatbots are always available and always ready to assist. Make your intranet the most helpful corporate resource for team members. AI makes it easy!

Enhance Search To Make Finding Answers Easier

Effective search has always been an area of computer science interest and research. Helping people quickly and accurately find what they are looking for can be a real challenge, especially with a large dataset. Fortunately, artificial intelligence has proven fruitful here as well.

With AI, intranet search systems can better understand search queries. AI helps deliver results based on a complex mesh of data points. For example, an intranet platform can take into consideration the users’ search history, interests, and natural language processing of the search query. Some AI-based search systems examine dozens or hundreds of factors to identify relevant results.

Good search is about more than just returning good results. A sub-optimal search experience doesn’t just lead to fewer good results—it frustrates users and hurts productivity and collaboration. It leads to misunderstandings that may further hurt productivity by sending team members down the wrong path. AI fixes this by providing a faster, more accurate search experience.

Automate Measurement and Management

Whether your intranet design goal is informational, social,  collaborative, or a combination of goals, you will want to collect data. Analyzing and measuring the data ensures that your platform works as intended. Measurement and data-based management are essential to achieving an efficient intranet experience.

Artificial intelligence helps here too. AI-based systems analyze many metrics and deliver reports that highlight the most relevant trends. They even identify metrics that may be useful to track by combining existing data points in new ways based on detected patterns.

The modern business world is heavily affected by data. With artificial intelligence, you can effectively understand that data in the context of your intranet. If you have ever made an investment in a platform or tool and are unsure whether you are achieving optimal returns, you know the importance of good measurement. With an AI-powered intranet, there is a solution to this problem.

Accelerate Intranet-Hosted Activities

In addition to being sources of information and collaboration, intranets also host applications and activities for your team. These may be simple event-organizing or news-sharing tools. However, more in-depth tools for document editing, personnel management, communication, etc., may be included under your intranet umbrella. The right collaborative intranet solutions help keep your organization running.

Incorporating AI  accelerates many of your business’s foundational processes. For example, your human resources may use the intranet as part of the onboarding pipeline. AI provides new hires with immediate feedback and instant answers. Similarly, if you use your intranet to organize projects, AI helps managers stay on top of every aspect of important initiatives.

Discover the Power of Data-Driven Intranet Today

Artificial intelligence is becoming a key part of modern intranets and will likely only continue to improve. It enhances many of the benefits of a high-quality, collaborative intranet. To learn more about what a SharePoint-based intranet could do for your business, contact hubley today.

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