Common Employee Challenges Solved By a Robust Intranet

Managers and employees experience several common workplace challenges, no matter their specific work environments. Managers in different organizations often face similar communications, collaboration, and employee engagement challenges. Some employees may experience a lack of communication and a feeling of isolation from the rest of the team. A robust intranet site helps overcome these challenges. Intranet managers can personalize content and distribute essential information to engage employees. By doing this, employers can build a positive work environment for all personnel. Here are 5 shared challenges employers have been facing and how an intranet helps solve them.

1. Lack of Communication

Finding the right managerial strategy for your team is a matter of fine-tuning communication. Communication is a two-way street that is crucial to the success of your company. An intranet encourages team members to communicate and collaborate on tasks. It allows you to pass on information in a variety of ways using a plethora of features. Disseminate any info about new processes, technology updates, quality control, or client feedback. Create an effective intranet with dedicated channels for urgent tasks. Or, set up different channels for each project or client. Keep your team organized and provide an open forum for communication to discuss and brainstorm ideas and solutions.

2. Technology Adoption

Workplace technology changes continue to happen as innovation takes place. Technology adoption is an ongoing process in many industries. If your team works remotely or relies on an online infrastructure to collaborate, you fully understand this. A cloud-hosted tool like hubley makes updating and receiving valuable information easy. 

3. Lack of Employee Recognition

It is important to acknowledge exemplary employee performance. Employee recognition improves morale. And employees value managers that recognize their challenging work. Employee recognition encourages consistently elevated work ethic. In turn, employers receive a higher quality of work from dedicated employees. hubley offers pre-built SharePoint templates and features that can help you maximize your team engagement.

4. Disengagement

Remote work contributes to unique challenges relative to team member engagement and motivation. On a day-to-day basis, use instant messaging, RSS feed, videos, and other features to organize projects and provide real-time input on developments. This can go a long way to ensuring employees are always helping each other be their best. 

5. Personal Interaction

Robust intranet tools are built to provide as much real-time feedback as possible. They help managers engage with their team members at a moment’s notice. While the interactions of the physical office should not be underestimated, video chat is a terrific way to check in on employee mental health. Video meetings provide vital personal interaction that can support mental health. The opportunity to have a face-to-face discussion gives managers a chance to recognize a job well done and boost morale. Also, many employers are investing in mental health tools for employees by offering a larger benefits package with robust healthcare options.


Quality intranet solutions do a lot to support your managerial skills. It starts with a focus on understanding every resource available at your disposal. hubley’s solutions blend employee engagement and wellness to maintain a company culture where every employee feels like they are genuinely part of the team. 

Engagement is at the heart of every organization’s long-term success. hubley makes it simple for a company to align its mission with its employees. Employers who invest in employees’ experience increase employee retention, productivity, and quality of work.

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