SharePoint 101: An Introductory Guide to SharePoint Intranet

SharePoint 101: An Introductory Guide to SharePoint Intranet

As your organization grows, internal communication can get a little out of hand. Having an internal communication team can help re-focus internal messaging, morale, and connection between your employees. What’s a team to do without the right tools? In your research, you may have come across Microsoft SharePoint. Chances are that you’ve found yourself thinking: “so, what is SharePoint?” Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. A lot of Internal Communication teams know that they should have a company intranet but don’t really know what that means or how to start. Fortunately, the hubley team is here to clear things up.

What Is SharePoint?

SharePoint is a web platform developed by Microsoft to offer organizations a better way to collaborate online. As you already know, teamwork is essential, and having a platform that makes it easier is always going to be a hit. More specifically, hubley utilizes SharePoint as a basis to provide a series of online tools to build and create departments and pages that only members of your organization have access to. It’s something like a private version of the Web made just for your team. For example, if you want to have a feed for your company’s latest news and accomplishments so that everyone can be filled in, the hubley intranet is a great way to do that. hubley’s intuitive, branded platform is built on top of SharePoint, giving your users high functionality and continuous updates as well as the extra oomph of hubley service and implementation.

Why Do Companies Need Intranet Solutions?

At their heart, organizations are all about people working together to create something that other people need or want. Doing that is next to impossible if your employees are constantly playing catch up from a missed email, lack of information, or scheduling mishaps. These are a few of the reasons that companies use intranets:

Skip the Blast Emails: Picture this, you are about to hit send on your latest blast email to team members. It is the 10th one this week, but that’s okay because people need this information, right? Surely, they are reading each one carefully. Blast emails are okay sometimes, but they get cumbersome and annoying at a point. An intranet gives you a better option for collecting and sharing information that your people need to see.

Answer Questions: If someone has a problem with his or her computer, who can help? How many problems can be answered in a couple of short sentences? Rather than needing to have a conversation every time someone asks the same exact question, why not create and share an FAQ. Using a company intranet, you can easily do that, making everyone’s life simpler.

• Share Content: Have some product or brand images that you want everyone to have access to? Want to share a new product video that you’re all really proud of? Intranet solutions offer an easy way to share rich media with your whole organization.

• Integration Everywhere: One of the key problems that organizations face as they get larger is cross-departmental interaction. Information gets stuck in silos. Integrating your intranet with your various tools such as CRM, ERP, and ITSM, you can break down those walls. That’s just the beginning. Intranets are very flexible, and they let you share the information and resources your people need. No longer do you need to search your inbox looking for that one email that explained how to use that widget. You can simply check out the relevant page on your intranet and get your answers right away.

What Features Do You Need from Your Intranet?

Every organization is different and has its own unique needs. However, you likely want a few key features from your SharePoint intranet:

Easy Setup: If you are looking at a page explaining what SharePoint is, chances are that you are just getting started with this topic. You probably want a solution that is easy to get started. An out-of-the-box SharePoint installation will make this process much easier.

Flexible Sites: Do you need a blog, FAQ, event page, or news feed? You probably need some combination or possibly all four. The right solution should have tools for creating various types of intranet sites. hubley helps you plan according to your needs and makes adding content easier than ever.

Team Sites and Directories: Bigger organizations need more clearly defined departments. However, this often means that some people don’t know who other people are or what they are doing. Team sites and staff directories can help to clear things up.

Option for Feedback: This can be helpful even when you aren’t just getting started. How often would a simple survey help you get feedback from your team? Get the answers you need to move forward with multiple avenues to gather your user’s input.

There are numerous other features you may want such as a social feed, a media library, and a knowledge center. As you are thinking about your intranet, consider what you want to get out of it.

These features and many more are available with hubley’s SharePoint boxed intranet solution. Request a demo to see how our solution could help your organization’s SharePoint environment.

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