Looking For More Than Just A SharePoint Solution: hubley’s Powerful Features

To improve efficiency and productivity businesses small and large have turned to Office 365. Though the software isn't perfect (SPOILER: no software is), research has shown that the platform is popular compared to Google's G Suite. To enhance the software's benefits, you can pair it with hubley™. hubley is an intranet solution that uses Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 as its backend. The platform provides a growing list of customizable intranet features applicable across all industries.

The Bread and Butter Benefits of Office 365

Before you see how hubley can take your software to the next level, consider some of the benefits of working with Office 365.

Work From Anywhere, With Ease

Users can connect to their jobs and coworkers from anywhere. As a cloud-based system, employees can still access their emails, files, and applicable Office programs from any connected device. In a business environment that has prioritized remote employment, especially recently, this benefit makes it easier for employees to work from wherever they are.

Users Have Strong Security and Reliability

As cloud-based programs become available, the security of these services becomes a leading concern. But cloud-based options aren’t more or less safe than on-premise options. It’s all about the security measures put in place. Microsoft has taken significant steps to secure data stored in the cloud. There’s no need to purchase expensive supplemental hardware to secure server rooms. Key built-in Office 365 security features include data loss prevention, encrypted email, advanced threat analytics, and mobile device management. 

User Collaboration Made Easy

Communication and collaboration are crucial for team-based organizations. The collaborative features of Office 365 make it possible for connected employees to construct, edit, or contribute to spreadsheets, documents, or presentations as needed using real-time exchanges. By taking advantage of real-time collaboration all contributors who are working on a document can edit the same version and avoid any confusion related to sending attachments back and forth. Real-time collaboration and co-authoring are vital aspects of running teams that efficiently deliver accurate and up-to-date information.

Users Have Access to Multiple Plans

Office 365 can be used as a stand-alone program, but several other applications can be used in conjunction with the software. Microsoft doesn't limit usage and access to a particular plan either but offers seven different plans to address businesses' various needs and sizes. Companies don't pay for features they don't need, but if growth is needed, the plans and features are scalable.

The Many Perks of a hubley Intranet

hubley takes full advantage of Office365 and SharePoint Online functionality.  Users can reap many added benefits when integrating hubley into existing Office 365 setups. Office 365 is a cloud operating system. Establishing a corporate intranet will grant access to your cloud system's full potential. Upgrading your intranet to the cloud will offer immediate benefits like making it possible to access  Office 365 worry-free. Inside Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365, our solutions provide full-featured communication and collaboration capabilities. Oh, and did we mention it's beautiful, intuitive, and wicked fast?

Waiting to Upgrade, Still?

Tech advances have created a big splash in the corporate world spanning across industries. So why have many companies been reluctant to fully embrace and leverage the full potential and opportunities these technologies offer? It isn't always about the lack of financial resources to change over. Some companies don't have a deep IT bench to pull from for installing, monitoring, or securing any new tech or software. Because of these challenges, many businesses find their intranet services stuck in antiquated programs such as SharePoint 2007, 2010, or 2013. Too many have sites that are running programs that vendors no longer support.

When this is the case, the intranet can no longer provide staff with the support and tools they need to do their jobs. With limited resources, the system plays a primitive role in providing internal communication or delivering static content. An internal website may have been useful a decade ago, but tech advancements have opened the door to more. There are extensive possibilities that an upgraded intranet system can explore. Running Microsoft 365 with hubley delivers incredible access to the new capabilities that have recently been released (and continue to evolve) through SharePoint. Combined with the quarterly release of new features with hubley GREEN, your company intranet will never get stale.

Find Success Using Collaborative Applications

While Office 365 delivers its own suite of services, hubley adds a friendly SharePoint Platform solution. Our Microsoft SharePoint intranet extends productivity and communication potential. How so? With pre-loaded and customizable applications, hubley will meet your company's unique needs. The software makes it easy to custom-build features to address any ticketing, CRM, analytics, and onboarding needs. Enhance the work your team is already doing with internal communication and cooperation features. We provide an all-in-one platform where collaboration and exchanges can flow without hindrance. Its robust design offers unique intranet features that adapt to your company's needs.

hubley maintains the individual and collective needs of both SharePoint and Office 365 in any scenario. It doesn't have to be an exclusive platform. It is designed to work well with additional applications as team members or companies grow in IT and performance needs. Your company doesn't have to choose between an all-or-nothing approach, as our platform easily integrates with other systems. hubley also provides plenty of SharePoint tricks. The success of using collaborative applications, such as the connections between hubley, SharePoint, and Microsoft 365, is found in the efficiency and ability of your employees to meet the company's needs, whether working from home or in the office.

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